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Through Abigail’s Eyes: “Birthday Wish”


CHAPTER 45 – A Birthday Wish

Hoppy Birthday, Abigail!” said Dad as he entered the room. “Today is the day we celebrate you, and the day you entered this world. And I for one, am so glad you are here. You light up my life like the sun. In fact, you are my ‘bunshine’!” he chuckled.

Dad set down a plate in front of her. On it were a bunch of baby carrots, standing up on end with their tops still attached. A Small Pet Select wreath was wrapped around them to hold them up. “It’s a carrot cake,” laughed Dad, “One that bunnies can eat!” Abigail came over and sniffed at it. Just like real birthday cake for kids, the carrots were a sugary treat, so Dad wasn’t going to let her eat the entire cake at once. Fortunately, Abigail wasn’t interested in the carrots anyway. She much preferred the green carrot tops, and nibbled on those.

Also on the plate was a big candle shaped like the number two. “OK, make a wish, and we’ll blow out the candle together,” said Dad. Abigail stared at the candle for a long time. She wasn’t sure what to wish for. She had a very happy life now.

That wasn’t always the case. Abigail shuddered when she remembered how her life began as an Easter toy for some kids, and how she was forgotten after the excitement of her wore off. She remembered sitting in her cage wishing to be free and wanting something better. And how things got better when her wish came true! She had even written a poem about it:

Abigail's Wish

A ball of fluff, a children's toy
Life began with love and joy,
But as I grew, they soon forgot
I like to play and run and hop!

Wire walls, a space four-by-two
Was all the world I ever knew,
One starry night, I made a wish
To have a life with more than this.

My wish came true one summer day
When someone came and whisked me away,
Scared and lonely, frightened at first
Being a rabbit, I feared the worst!

But now I'm free to run and play
With no more cages to block my way,
Fresh greens to eat and plenty of hay
I nibble and dance throughout my day.

My life is filled with love and respect
A cherished bunny, with no neglect,
Now my wish is that all bunnies could know
A life of happiness, without any woe.

Abigail knew what her wish was. As Dad blew out the candle for her, Abigail wished with all her heart that all bunnies could be spared the experience of becoming a neglected Easter Bunny and just find a loving forever home, as she had.

“Happy Birthday, my little chestnut fluff ball,” said Dad. “I’m so glad you’re in my life. I look forward to celebrating many more years with you.”

And so did Abigail.

Hoppy birthday, Abigail

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