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Through Abigail’s Eyes: “Bun Pals”

Abigail has new bun pals


One Sunday morning, Abigail was munching on her favorite Small Pet Select oat hay when she heard Dad talking to his tablet. Normally, he just stared at it, but today, he was talking to it—and it was talking back. “Abigail! Come here. I want you to meet someone!” he said. She hopped over to see what was up. Dad turned the screen towards her. “Meet Iby and Pancake,” he said.

Abigail stared at the screen. There were two bunnies hopping around—a tri-colored Lionhead named Pancake, and an orange and white Dutch bunny named Iby. “Meet your new bun pals,” said Dad. “But where are they?” she wondered. She sniffed the tablet and peered around the back. They weren’t there. Dad explained, “They’re in Germany.”  Abigail thought, “Where’s that?” Dad went on, “That’s on the other side of the world. A long way away from here.” Abigail wiggled her nose at them and said, “Hi!” Iby wiggled her nose in return and said, “Guten Tag!” (Except it was all in rabbit-speak.)

Anouk, Iby’s mom, waved and said, “Hi Abigail!” Abigail thought, “Oh, so that's who you’ve been talking to!” Abigail sniffed at the tablet but still couldn’t smell anything, so she went back to her hay tunnel for a snack. Meanwhile, Iby and Pancake went back to grazing on the green lawn, and Dad went back to talking with Anouk.

After that, about once a month, they would video-chat. Abigail would ask things like, “Do you eat imported hay?” and they would answer, “No, we don’t have that here. But we have local hay.” Abigail wanted to send Iby and Pancake some American hay, but Dad said something about customs not allowing it. She thought maybe he meant it wasn’t proper for German bunnies to accept hay. So she sent some healthy snackers instead, so they could sample American bunny treats.

Abigail felt so worldly, knowing she had bun pals in Germany.

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