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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Bunnies That Dine Together (130)

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CHAPTER 130 – Bunnies That Dine Together

The morning sun lit up the Bunnyprise room where Mocha and Hobo sat patiently waiting for breakfast. Hobo raised one ear (he had very good ear control for a lop). “I think I hear Dad!” he said to Mocha, “That means breakfast will be coming soon!”

Sure enough, not long afterwards, Dad came through the door and announced, “Room service! Breakfast is served!”

Hobo came bounding across the room, ears flapping and tail bouncing as he ran, eager to be first to breakfast. Mocha followed shortly behind. Even though Dad prepared identical trays of food for them, the two would congregate around one tray to eat.

Mocha daintily and slowly enjoyed each morsel while Hobo, who had grown up roaming the streets, never sure where his next meal was coming from, would vacuum up the tray and move on to the second tray. Sometimes, Dad referred to him as Mowbo for the way he would mow down the tray of greens. Dad worried that Hobo was eating all the food and not leaving enough for Mocha.

The next day, before he set down the trays, he placed an ex-pen divider across the room with Mocha on one side and Hobo on the other. Mocha and Hobo were confused. They looked through the fence at each other. “What did you get?” asked Hobo. “Same thing you have,” answered Mocha. “Then why are we being separated?” asked Hobo. “I don’t know,” said Mocha, “But I don’t like it! I want to eat with you!”

Upon the third time, just before Dad moved the expen across the room, he watched Hobo run over to Mocha. The two conversed and then both ran under the couch. “Let’s hide together under the couch so he can’t separate us!” Hobo said to Mocha, “We can wait here until he’s gone!”

Try as he might, Dad could not coax Hobo and Mocha to come out from under the couch. Not even for breakfast! Dad gave up. He placed both trays down on the floor and sure enough, Mocha and Hobo came bounding out from under the couch and gathered around one tray to eat.

Dad shook his head and laughed, “Well, so much for that idea!” Clearly, bonded bunnies did not like to be separated. He was just going to have to trust that Mocha was getting his fair share of greens.

Abigail: Bunnies that dine together

​Hobo races to breakfast.

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