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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Bunny Burrow for Rent

Through Abigail's Eyes: Bunny Burrow for Rent


Little Abigail looked out the window at her “magic garden”. She was happy to see the alfalfa, oats, and clover Dad had planted were growing. Suddenly, her eyes detected some motion. She looked closer. It was a rabbit! A wild rabbit! She thumped. “Dad, there’s a wild rabbit in my magic garden!” she thought.

Dad heard her thump, so he came over to see what was the matter. “Oh look, Abigail, there’s a wild rabbit eating the alfalfa we planted!” he observed. Abigail didn’t mind, she had plenty of Small Pet Select hay in her stash—big boxes of Timothy, alfalfa, and oats. But, she was curious about the wild rabbit. It was about the same size as her and similar in color. But its ears were much bigger, its nose was pointier, and it had longer legs. “That’s a California Brush Rabbit,” explained Dad.

Abigail wiggled her nose at the wild bun, “I’m Abigail. What’s your name?” The wild bun wiggled back, “My name is Willow.”  Abigail asked, “What are you doing?” Willow replied, “I’m looking for a safe place to live. There are a lot of coyotes and cats out here hunting for us. Rabbits are kind of low man on the food chain totem pole, you know. I’m going to have some babies so I want them to be safe!”

Abigail shuddered to think about being prey. She was happy to live inside. But she wanted to help Willow. She replied, “Well, you couldn’t pick a better place to live than here. This is the House of Buns. My dad loves rabbits. The yard is fenced in to keep coyotes out, and I can ask my Dad to put out some food for you and your kits.”

Dad watched the wild bun with curiosity. His neighbor had said, “The bunnies will come if there’s food.” Sure enough, now that he had planted the magic garden, the bunnies appeared.

The next day, Dad went out to the garden and moved some stones around to create a burrow. He leaned some large flat stones against the hillside and made sure there were multiple entry points that were just big enough for a rabbit to squeeze through, but not a cat. He placed some hay inside, and close by, he placed some willow leaves, Small Pet Select alfalfa, and a bowl of water. “There,” he said to Abigail, “We have a bunny burrow for rent.”

He made up a little flyer:

“Brush Bunnies! You’ll love this recently remodeled bunny bungalow. Nestled in the bushes on the hillside, it’s camouflaged from would-be predators, and is located in a secluded area that is difficult for coyotes to access. Outside is a peaceful, wooded view. Inside, the split-level floorplan is great for two bunnies or for raising kits.

The exterior is made of sturdy flagstone, making it much harder to penetrate than wood or brush. The interior is lined with fresh, soft, Timothy hay. There are multiple exits in case of emergencies. The entrances are just big enough for a bunny to squeeze through, but not a cat or a raccoon.

There’s easy access to a garden full of oats, alfalfa, and clover, and get this—door dash delivery of oat hay, alfalfa, and gourmet willow leaves twice a day. No need to leave the security of home to find food!

Rent is 300 smiles per month. This won’t be on the market long, so stop by and check it out soon.

Address is One Stonehenge Lane, Bunnyville, CA. Right next to the House of Buns.”

 Dad said, “Abigail, the next time you see the Brush bunnies, can you pass the word along?” Abigail thought, “Sure!” She was happy to help other buns—even wild buns.

Abigail advertises a wild bunny burrow at the House of Buns.

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