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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Bunny Communication (174)

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Chapter 174 – Bunny Communication

Luz sat in her cage at the shelter. She had been moved up front to the lobby and put “on display” in hopes that people coming to the shelter would see her and want to adopt her.

Luz was a large Californian rabbit with a beautiful white coat and dark chocolate markings around her ears and nose. The cage she was in was barely big enough for her to stretch out, let alone move around. She was a friendly bunny by nature and longed for love and some space to play. But as weeks passed by, she grew more and more irritated.

Just then, she heard Dad approach. It was time for his weekly visit where he took the rabbits out for some play time. She stood up to greet him. Dad opened the lid of the cage and reached in to stroke her head and ears. “Hi Luz,” he said softly, “How are you doing, sweetie?”

“Not so good,” she thought, “I’m mad! When will I get out of this tiny cage?” Dad reached in to pick her up. Here was her chance to communicate her frustration. Luz sank her teeth into Dad’s hand. Instinctively, Dad pulled his hand back, only to find Luz dangling from his hand with her teeth sunk in. She was not letting go! She wanted to make a point.

“Oww!” exclaimed Dad. Luz relented and let go of his hand. Blood ran down his hand. “Luz! That’s not like you. What’s gotten into you?” he asked. “It’s not nice to bite people” he said, “People won’t want to adopt a rabbit that bites.” But Dad understood. She had cage aggression.

Dad petted her head some more and then reached in again to pick her up. This time, she didn’t bite him. She had made her point. He carried her over to the play area and gently set her down. Luz was excited. She looked around and immediately began exploring the play area and sniffing out all the treats that were scattered around. She felt much better! Soon, she was binkying and running zoomies, darting through the tunnels and playing.

A half hour later, she watched Dad climb into the play area. “May I join you?” he asked. He laid down on the floor with her. She came over and sniffed him and jumped onto him. Eventually, she flopped down next to him. Dad reached out his hand, ready to pull it away, and asked, “May I pet you?” Luz lowered her head and Dad stroked her head and ears. She was her normal sweet self again.

All too soon, it was time to put her back in her cage and let another bunny out. Dad carried her in his arms. The closer they got to her cage, the harder she struggled. “Please don’t put me back in there. I don’t want to go back in there!” she begged. Dad’s heart broke as he whispered, “I know sweetie. I’m sorry. I wish I didn’t have to put you back in there. But I have to give other bunnies some time out, too. Don’t worry, we’ll find a home for you. We’ll take you to an adoption show next weekend, OK?”

Afterwards, Dad spoke to the shelter manager about arranging for larger quarters for Luz, so she wouldn’t be so cramped. “I’m sorry to bother you,” he said to the manager, “But I have to be the voice for the rabbits.” The shelter manager understood and approved the move.

The next weekend, Dad took Luz to an adoption show. A nice lady named Julie said, “She’s so beautiful! I’ve had rabbits before. I’d like to adopt her, but I need to get my house ready.” Julie spent the next week getting her home ready for a rabbit. True to her word, she came back the following weekend and adopted Luz.

Dad whispered to Luz, “We found a home for you! Your new bun mom seems very nice. I hope you have a happy life. Remember, no biting!” Luz was so excited. Finally, she had a forever home and could stop living in cages!

Shelter bunny Luz finds a way to communicate her cage frustration to Dad.

Shelter bunny Luz finds a way to communicate her cage frustration to Dad.

After playtime, Luz is back to being her sweet self.

After playtime, Luz is back to being her sweet self.

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