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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Bunny Grudges (173)

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Chapter 173 – Bunny Grudges

Bentley was in his "penthouse burrow" under the bed, waiting for Dad to start their nightly ritual. Dad would come in and watch an episode of M*A*S*H while Bentley foraged for his midnight snack. Dad would give him a piece of dried mango for a bedtime treat when the show was over before turning out the lights.  

But tonight was different. Dad came into the bedroom and peered under the bed, and looked at Bentley, who was stretched out in a long-loaf position. Then, dad said, "I'm exhausted tonight. I don't think I can stay away through a whole episode of M*A*S*H. Would you like your treat?”

Bentley looked at Dad and thought, “Not yet. I haven’t foraged!”

Dad said, “No? You don’t want a treat? OK, goodnight.” Bentley watched Dad climb into bed. And then the lights went out!

“What? No treat?” thought Bentley. He was miffed. He came out and foraged for his midnight snack in the dark, but Dad was already asleep.

Bentley stewed about it all night.

The next morning, Bentley waited until he heard Dad stir above him on the bed. Then, he slunk out from under the bed and jumped onto the bed, landing right on Dad.

“Ummff,” said Dad, as Bentley landed on his back. “Bentley, what are you doing up here?” he asked.

“Grunt, grunt,” went Bentley as he spun around and lunged at him, thinking, “Dad! I want a treat! I didn’t get a treat last night!”

Dad asked, “You want a treat? Is that it?" He reached over and grabbed the treat bag, which he kept ready on the nightstand.

Bentley lunged at the treat bag and grunted some more. “OK, Bentley! Calm down! Give me a sec,” said Dad. He pulled out a piece of dried mango. Bentley grabbed the mango with his teeth and hopped down onto the floor to eat it.

As soon as he was finished, Bentley jumped back onto the bed and grunted some more, thinking, “I want another one. You owe me for last night!”

“OK, OK!” said Dad as he reached for another piece of mango. Bentley snatched the treat from his hand and hopped back down onto the floor to enjoy it.

Dad learned his lesson. That night, he made sure Bentley got his treat before going to sleep. The following day, all was right with the world, and Bentley left Dad in peace.

“Bunnies. They sure can hold grudges!” chuckled Dad.

Bentley hops onto the bed to demand his missing treat.

Bentley hops onto the bed to demand his missing treat.

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