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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Bunny Memories (171)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 171 – Bunny Memories

Ding dong. Abigail heard the doorbell ring and raised one ear. From her home base in the living room, she had a clear view of the front door. So whenever she saw someone come in whom she didn’t recognize, she would bolt behind the couch.

She watched Dad open the door. “Hi! So nice to see you again!” he exclaimed. It was Auntie Lauren, Abigail’s godmother. “Hi! Nice to see you again, too!” she replied. It had been almost two years since she moved away to Seattle.

“Where’s little Abigail?” she asked, “I wonder if she’ll remember me.”

Abigail watched as Auntie Lauren approached. She wondered, “Hmmm, should I bolt?” But something about her voice and her shape was familiar. She decided not to bolt. Lauren knelt down in front of Abigail. "Hi, Abigail. Do you remember me?”

Abigail approached cautiously and sniffed her. The memory of their summer together came rushing back. She looked up at her and thought, “Auntie Lauren! Where have you been? Did you get lost?”

Lauren held out her hand and said in her "rabbit voice," "Treat? Wanna treat?” After all, it was an aunt’s duty to spoil her goddaughter! Before long, Abigail was eating out of Lauren’s hand. Lauren cooed, “Aww, you do remember me! I’ve missed you!”

Dad observed, "If you were a stranger, she'd be hiding right now. But, I think she does remember you!"

Abigail thought, “We missed you, too!” She finished her treat and binkied off back to her spot. She liked her Auntie Lauren.

Abigail remembers her godmother Auntie Lauren.

Abigail remembers her godmother Auntie Lauren.

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