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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Bunny Portraits (135)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 135 – Christmas Portraits

The long nights and short days told Abigail that the holiday season was almost here. She had been around the block enough now to recognize the signs. She watched as Dad pulled a set of stairs out of the ceiling and climbed up them. She knew what that meant. Dad brought down box after box. One of the boxes was labeled “Abigail’s Christmas tree”. It was time to decorate for Christmas!

Dad explained, “I need some of these decorations for the photoshoot tomorrow. I’m taking Christmas portraits of bunnies.” It was the second annual Bunny Christmas Portrait session to raise money for the Rabbit Haven rescue.

Abigail wondered, “Do many bunnies get their picture taken, Dad?” Dad replied, “Oh yes! We opened up photoshoots every 15 minutes from 11 AM to 6 PM and every slot is taken! There’s not even a lunch or bathroom break in there for me.” Abigail was amazed.

Last year, Dad wanted a red truck as a prop, but he couldn’t find one, so he used a Santa sleigh. This year, he found a red truck just the right size, so he added it as a theme. He filled the back of the truck with rabbit toys from Small Pet Select and placed the truck on some white fleece next to a flocked tree.

“Abigail, will you come be my model so I can try this out and see how it looks?” asked Dad.

With all the photos Dad had taken of her, Abigail felt like a professional bunny model. She hopped over to the “set” to check things out. Dad directed, “OK, pretend I’m not here and just interact with the truck.” Abigail knew what to do. She sniffed all around the truck and then she looked up into the bed at all the gifts with a look of wonderment. She could hear Dad’s camera clicking. “OK, got it!” said Dad, “Good job! Looks good. I think this will work!”

Abigail was happy to help. She knew it was for a good cause. She couldn’t wait to see all the different bunny pictures Dad would take.

Abigail's Christmas Portrait

Abigail models for Dad to help him get ready for his Christmas Rabbit Portrait sessions.

Rabbit Haven Christmas Portraits
Rabbit Haven Christmas Portraits

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