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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Bunstruction

Through Abigail's Eyes: Bunstruction

CHAPTER 72 – The Bunstruction Project

Bentley watched as Dad cleaned out the spare bedroom. “Time to turn this oversized closet back into a useable room again,” explained Dad. “Hmmm,” thought Bentley, “That gives me an idea!”

Bentley disappeared into his burrow in the back of the closet and looked around. One side was a concrete wall. Another was a plastic bin. Neither of which he could chew through. But the back wall was sheetrock. “Hmmm,” he thought, “I wonder if I can make my burrow bigger?”He began ripping away the sheet rock with his sharp teeth.

Upstairs, Abigail’s little ears detected a sound. It was different from previous sounds she had heard. “That’s not cardboard,” she thought, “Someone is doing a bunstruction project! Dad, you’d better go check!”

Dad peered into the storage closet. “Bentley, whatcha doing in there?” he asked. Bentley popped his head out of the burrow and looked up sheepishly, “Nothing. Just making some space,” he thought. He ran into the bedroom. Dad closed the door behind him so he could investigate what was going on. He couldn’t see all the way to the back corner, so he emptied out the closet. Behind Bentley’s sleeping box, he found a hole in the wall! Bentley was chewing through the sheetrock! Dad just shook his head.

Dad loved Bentley unconditionally, so he wanted to let Bentley have his fun and his space. Rather than just close the closet door like most normal people would do, Dad vacuumed up the mess and covered up that section of the wall with a large sheet of thick plastic, the kind Bentley wouldn’t be able to chew through. Then he replaced the sleeping box with a new cardboard box to give Bentley something else to chew on. Finally, he placed all the storage bins and boxes back in the same order, being careful to leave the multiple pathways in place.

Bentley knew something was up! As soon as Dad opened the bedroom door, he bolted to his burrow. He dove inside and surveyed the changes. “Ugh, I have to start all over,” he thought, and immediately began tearing at the new cardboard box. Dad just smiled. At least he was safe now.

Dad went upstairs and gave Abigail a pet. “You’re such a good girl!” he said. “You never do anything like this.” Abigail thought, “Just like humans, we rabbits each have our own personalities!”

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