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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Chocolate Rescue

Through Abigail's Eyes: Chocolate Rescue

CHAPTER 69—Chocolate Rescue

One morning, Abigail sat munching on some cilantro when Dad said, “Abigail, our friend Jacqui just sent a message. She said there are three buns that need some help.” Abigail stopped chewing and raised one ear to listen. She was all about helping other bunnies.

Dad continued, “Their bun mom had to leave her home for a safer situation, and she can’t keep her buns in the new place. Jacqui found a rabbit rescue place that will take them, but only if they are fixed. Their bun mom can’t afford to have the surgery done." 

Dad added, “One is a Rex, one is a mini-Lop, and one is a Netherland Dwarf named Missy!” Both of Abigail’s ears stood up. He had her full attention now. “A Netherland Dwarf like me?” she wondered. She had a particular soft spot for her fellow Netherland Dwarf rabbits.

Abigail had raised several hundred dollars with her Rescue Chocolate bars. She had given some to Auntie Heather’s Rabbit Haven, but she had been saving the rest in case a bunny needed help. Dad said, “They’re about $200 short of the money they need.” 

“I want to help,” thought Abigail. “Yes, sweetie. How about we send them half the amount and see if some others will step up to help.” Abigail thought, “Oh yes!” Dad tapped on his tablet and announced, “OK, done! Good job, Abigail!” 

Abigail thought how sad it was when humans couldn’t keep their fur babies with them when they have to escape a bad situation when that was exactly the time they need their fur baby’s support the most!

Abigail settled into her loaf position. She hoped others might help Missy and her siblings.

Missy rescue bunny

​Missy and her bunmates need Abigail's help. 

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