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Through Abigail’s Eyes: “A Day In The Life of a (Free Roam) House Rabbit – Part I”

A day in the life - part I

CHAPTER 41 – A Day In The Life of a (Free Roam) House Rabbit – Part I

The sun lit up the room as it rose in the early morning sky. Abigail yawned a big bunny yawn, stretched and stood up, surveying her territory. It was time to start her day.

The house was still quiet. Dad was still asleep in his burrow. Abigail went over to the entrance to her bolt-to spot behind the bookcase and began digging on the carpet. She loved digging. It was good exercise, and kept her muscles toned. She could dig for hours. It was her daily cardio-workout.

Around 8:30 AM, Abigail heard Dad stirring in his burrow below. Sure enough, a few minutes later, Dad came into the living room and greeted her, “Good morning, baby. Did you have a nice sleep?” Abigail stopped her digging, peered out from behind the bookcase, and came over to see him. Dad gave her a little scritch on the head. “I love you,” he said. It was the first of about forty times every day that he’d tell her that. She didn’t mind.

Dad picked up Abigail’s food tray and said, “I’ll go fix your breakfast now.” Abigail thought, “OK. I’ll go back to digging some more.”

Dad returned with her orange tray and set it down on the floor. Abigail knew what that meant. She had worked up an appetite! She hopped over to the buffet and circled the tray, sniffing at everything. But she knew what she wanted first. She headed straight for the little slice of apple. “I LOVE apples,” she thought, as she crunched on the sweet, juicy slice.

It was time for her morning patrol. Abigail made the rounds. Off to the dining room she hopped, where she stopped for her restroom break. Then she went over to the guest room to see if she could find any hidden treats before heading back to the living room. Sure enough, she discovered a left over holiday chewing wreath. She gnawed on it for a while. As she entered the living room, she peeked over at Dad. Dad sat by the coffee table, eating his breakfast and checking his email.

Abigail hopped onto the couch and put her paws on his shoulders. “Treat, please!” she begged, batting her pretty eyelashes at him. Dad couldn’t resist. Always ready with her treats (a bun parent should never be without treats), he handed her a little mini cookie. She grabbed it with her teeth and hopped off the couch and back to her spot to enjoy it.

After munching down her cookie, she settled down in her spot and tooth chattered at Dad. “It’s OK to pet me now,” she signaled. Dad obliged and knelt down to give her her morning massage. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the rubdown. Dad gave the best massages!

Once the massage was done, Abigail returned to her digging for awhile. Then it was time for her morning nap. She hopped back to her spot by the window and flopped down on her side so hard that she almost rolled over onto her back.

Dad watched with amusement. As he worked on his laptop, he watched Abigail’s eyes slowly close as she drifted off. She was so adorable just being a bunny.

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