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Through Abigail’s Eyes: “Eye to Eye”


Abigail’s little white cotton ball tail bounced up and down like a ping pong ball as she hopped away. Dad laughed and said, “You have the cutest little butt!” He was laying flat on the floor, with his chin resting on the carpet, getting a rabbit’s eye view of the world. Everything looked so much bigger from down there.

He remembered reading some advice about what house rabbits like. Rule number one is get down on the floor. Rule number two is get down on the floor. Wise words. Dad seemed to spend half his life on the floor now. Sometimes, it was a little hard on his knees and back, but the carpet made it tolerable. Being on the floor meant he could meet Abigail at her level.

Abigail turned around in the other room and looked back at Dad. Seeing just his face, she thought, “He looks more my size now. Here I come!” She bounded in his direction, hopped right over him, and kept on going. Dad just giggled, “You’re so funny!” Abigail ran back and forth along the window, taunting him. “Bet you can’t catch me!” she thought. She was right. Try as he might, Dad could not tag Abigail as she streaked past. He loved how Abigail’s personality opened up when they played together.

Abigail ran to her "bolt-to" spot and started digging. Dad went over to the other entrance and began scratching the carpet with his fingers, mimicking her digging rhythm. Abigail knew what that meant. “I bet he has a Healthy Snacker for me!” she thought. Sure enough, she peeked around the corner and saw Dad holding a snacker between his teeth. Abigail ran over to Dad, stood up on her back feet, and took the snacker from his mouth.

After munching down her treasure, Abigail flopped down in front of him. Nose to nose, they stared at each other. Dad wiggled his nose to copy her. Abigail looked at him and slowed down her wiggle. Dad slowed his wiggle to match. Then she sped up. Dad did the same. Dad chuckled, “I know we’re communicating, but I don’t know what I’m saying. ”Abigail appreciated the effort.

When Abigail first came to live with Dad, whenever he tried to kiss her on the head, she would grunt and run away. But after months of playing together, she grew to trust him. Dad leaned over her and kissed her on the head. Then, he gently nuzzled her soft ears with his nose. Abigail closed her eyes and relaxed.

Little bunnies. Big personalities.

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