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Through Abigail’s Eyes: “First Christmas”

Through Abigail's Eyes - First Christmas


Abigail watched Dad pull some colorful things out of boxes and place them all around the room. He hung some garland and decorated it with shiny objects. Then he strung a ribbon over the entryway, and attached some colorful cards to it. “What are you doing?” she asked inquisitively with her eyes.

“It’s our first Christmas together!” announced Dad. “I want to make your first Christmas magical!” Dad went into the kitchen and came back with a soft, fuzzy thing in his hand. “Look Abigail, I made a stocking for you. It even has your name on it!” Dad had written Abigail’s name in glitter on the side of a purple stocking. It was certainly too big for her foot. She wondered, “Am I supposed to sleep in it?” But instead, Dad hung it carefully by the fireplace. “That’s so Santa Bunny will bring you some rabbit presents!” he explained.

This was all new to Abigail. With her previous family, she had spent Christmas in her cage, listening to all the commotion in the other room, but she never actually saw any of it. But now, she was right in the middle of it!

“I got you your own tree,” said Dad, “I picked it out just for you!” Dad placed a small white tree on the floor. “I ordered some pretty blue lights for it, too!” he added. Dad hung some shiny blue balls on the tree and placed a star on top. Abigail hopped over for a closer look. She stood up on her back feet and when she stretched, she could almost see the top of the tree. It was just her size.

“Let’s see how it looks,” suggested Dad. He covered the cord with a white tree skirt, plugged in the tree lights, and turned down the room lights. Suddenly, the room was aglow in a soft blue. “Kinda looks like a winter’s night with snow on the tree and the winter starlight,” observed Dad. “It IS magical,” thought Abigail. It reminded her of when she wished upon a star that she could find a better life.

And magically, she did.   

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