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Through Abigail’s Eyes: “Foraging for Fun”

Foraging for Fun


After watching Abigail’s German bun pals search around for their food, Dad realized that serving up greens on a platter may have taken away part of what Abigail was naturally born to do—hunt plants!

Dad wasn’t going to let Abigail outside in the yard—too many risks with other animals and fleas—but he thought he could come up with something similar for her to do inside. He decided to provide her with some foraging fun. He went around the house hiding little treats for her to find. He placed a willow wreath in the guest room and a couple of treats over by the window. He filled a small box with some hay, and another box with some dried leaves, and placed them around the dining room.

Abigail was on her morning patrol, when she noticed there was something new in her territory! She had to investigate. She sniffed the wreath and then began snacking on it. After spending quite some time with that, she continued on her patrol route. “What’s this?” she wondered, as she stumbled upon a box of leaves. She gave them a sniff, and then plucked one out to nibble on. They crunched like potato chips. She liked them!

Dad watched with amusement. His plan was working! She was finding new things to keep herself entertained.

Every so often, he would change the locations of the treats or the treats themselves. Sometimes, he would even move the furniture around a little, or place an empty box in the middle of the floor, just to change things up. Being curious, Abigail would have to investigate what was new in her territory.

It was emotional enrichment. A bored bunny is a naughty bunny. But an entertained bunny is a good bunny! 

Why Is Foraging So Important?

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