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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Foraging Fun


One day, Abigail was sitting in her spot, contemplating what to do next for entertainment. “If I was a wild bunny, I’d be out foraging for food,” she thought. But since her food was served to her on a platter, she didn’t need to do that. 

Just then, Dad came into the room with an interesting-looking contraption. It was a collapsible tube with three legs, and was big enough for her to run through. “I thought you might like a foraging tunnel,” he suggested. He set it on the floor and then opened a big white box. The room filled with the scent of fresh hay. Abigail had never smelled hay like this before. So fresh! So fragrant!

“It’s imported hay!” Dad chuckled, “I got it from Washington!” Abigail wondered, “Is Washington near the magic garden?” “Who knew there were so many kinds of hay?” he asked, “There’s Timothy, Orchard, Oat, and Alfalfa.” She watched as he filled each leg of the tunnel with a different type of hay.

Abigail hopped over to investigate. Being a little wary, she stayed outside of the tunnel and went around to each leg and sniffed. It smelled so good! She pulled out some hay and took a bite. “Yum!” she thought. After sampling all the hays in the hay-buffet, she decided oat hay was her favorite. She liked the crunchy tips. Her second favorite was Alfalfa, followed by Timothy, and finally, Orchard. But they were all good.

“I hid some snackers in the hay,” said Dad, hoping to entice her into the tunnel. “Snackers?” thought Abigail. She loved rabbit snackers! If there was one word she responded to, it was “snacker.” Well, maybe two words. “Treat” was the other one. “Find the snackers!” said Dad, expecting it to take her awhile to find a hay snacker buried in hay. Abigail dove into the tunnel, rooted around, and in less than three seconds, reappeared with a snacker in her mouth. Dad shook his head in disbelief. Abigail rolled her eyes and thought, “It’s not that hard, Dad!” as she sat munching on her treasure.

As time passed, Abigail got used to being inside the tunnel, and sometimes, would sit in there and forage for just the right piece of hay, and munch on it. She loved having a variety of hay to choose from, and it was so much more fun than just eating off a platter! Foraging was fun!

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