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Through Abigail’s Eyes: GI Stasis (128)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 128 – GI Stasis

One morning, Abigail sat loafing by the window when Dad came over and knelt down in front of her.

“Oh Abigail, I have some bad news,” he said, “Your bunny friend B2 is gone. He died from GI stasis. It happened very quickly in just a couple of days.”

Abigail thought, “Oh no! What’s GI stasis?”

Dad explained, “That’s when a bunny stops eating and pooping. One of the most common causes is if you eat too many carbohydrates and fat and not enough fiber. Too many pellets and/or treats and not enough greens and hay can cause that. Fortunately, you’re really good about eating a lot of greens and hay and not a lot of pellets. But other things can cause GI stasis, too, like a stressful environment, dental problems, getting dehydrated, or some kind of blockage from ingesting something you shouldn’t.”

Abigail wondered, “How will you know if I get GI stasis?”

Dad chuckled, “Well, the good part about you being the only bunny living on this floor is I know exactly what goes in and out of you! So if you stop eating or pooping, I know right away. If it goes on for more than 12 hours, my red alert bell goes off, because if you don’t get treated soon enough, you could die!”

Abigail wondered, “Does that mean you’d take me to the vet?” Abigail hated going to the vet.

Dad said, “Well, first we could try some baby gas drops and pain medication in case it’s just gas. But if that didn’t do the trick, then yes dear. I would have to take you to the vet. My first choice would be your regular rabbit vet. But if she wasn’t available, I’d need to take you to an emergency clinic that can handle rabbits. I’ve scoped out a couple just in case. Their phone numbers and addresses are on the fridge. The vet would take an x-ray to see if there’s any blockage. If not, then she’d probably give you fluids to get you hydrated. Then I’d try and get you to eat your favorite greens. If that didn’t work, I might have to syringe feed you some Nutri-rescue, which I keep in your emergency kit.”

Abigail shuddered. That did not sound very pleasant. She thought, “I hope I never get GI stasis!”

Dad gave her a pet and said, “Me, too! Just keep eating your greens and hay, and I’ll try not to give you too many sugary treats, fruit, or seeds.”

Abigail was OK with eating her greens and hay, but she wasn’t so sure she liked being limited on treats!


GI stasis is a serious condition. It’s important to be prepared in advance and not wait until it happens. For more reading about this, visit:

Abigail's friend, B2, wants every bun parent to know about GI stasis.

Abigail's friend, B2, wants every bun parent to know about GI stasis.

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