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CHAPTER 236 – Hang 10

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 236 – Hang 10

Every afternoon, the turtle awoke from its nap and roamed through Abigail’s, Turbo’s, and Enzo’s territory. Once it made its rounds, it headed back to its nest and fell asleep. Fear turned to curiosity as the two rabbits watched from the sidelines. (Turbo was usually napping and missed all the excitement.)

Abigail observed, “Have you noticed it eats our poop?” Enzo agreed, “Yeah. I have to mark our territory every day now!”

Later on, Abigail wandered into the guest room and found the turtle leaning against the furniture. She called out, “Hey Enzo! The turtle wandered into your room and got stuck. Maybe it needs help.”

Enzo bounded over to give it a closer look since it wasn’t moving. He sniffed it. “Dis not a turtle. It don’t smell like an animal. Maybe it a hoverboard!” Enzo hopped on top and stood up. “Look, Abigail. I hang 10!” Abigail just giggled. After that, Enzo wasn’t afraid anymore. In fact, now he thought of it as a toy.

The next day, he spotted the “hoverboard” going back and forth across the room. He ran over, bumped it with his nose, and hopped aboard for a few brief moments. Then he chased after it as it crossed the room.

Just then, Dad wandered into the room. “Hi guys,” he said, “What do you think of the new vacuum cleaner? It was taking too much of my time cleaning up after the three of you, so I got this robot vacuum cleaner. Now I don’t have to vacuum every day. I just need to do some touch up every so often.”

Abigail and Enzo just looked at each other and then at Dad. Enzo thought, “So, it not a hoverboard?”

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