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Through Abigail’s Eyes: “Happy Bun Dad Day”

Happy Bun Dad Day

CHAPTER 56—Happy Bun Dad Day

Abigail binkied over as Dad set down her orange breakfast tray. She loved to start the day with a fresh apple slice. She grabbed the toilet paper tube with her teeth and turned it up on end, dumping the apple slice out onto the carpet, and began munching on her treat. Dad smiled. It made him happy to see his little girl so happy.

Finished with her treat, she circled the tray to see what else was there and began devouring her favorite greens, cilantro. “So many good things to eat, and I get to choose which I want first!” she thought. Life had been good for this little bunny ever since she came to live with Dad.

Done with breakfast, she sat down in her loaf position in her spot by the window and tooth chattered at Dad, signaling she was ready for her morning massage. Dad obliged, and knelt down beside her and began rubbing her temples and then the top of her head. As he gently stroked her ears, he whispered, “Today is Father’s Day, Abigail. I just want you to know you will always be my little girl, and I’ll always love you and take good care of you. I love being your bun dad.”

Abigail had noticed at play dates that bun dads were rare. There were lots of bun moms, but not many bun dads. She applauded all the bun dads out there, and felt special that she had one. She loved her Dad. He kept her toilet clean, he always made sure she had plenty of good hay and fresh greens to eat, he played with her, he protected her, he gave her lots of room to run free, he always found good treats for her, and he was always gentle with her.

She wanted to give him something for Father’s Day, but what? Everything she had came from Dad. She never went outside, so she couldn’t go forage for some delicious treat for him. And then it hit her. There WAS something she could give him!

As he finished her massage, he leaned over to give her a kiss on the head. Normally, she would back away. But today, she lowered her head and let him nuzzle her little ears with his nose—for as long as he wanted! It was such a treat for Dad. It melted his heart.

“Thank you sweetie,” he said softly, “Best Father’s Day gift ever!”  

Abigail comes up with a special gift for Father’s Day.

Abigail comes up with a special gift for Father’s Day

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