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Through Abigail’s Eyes: “Happy Hoppy Bunny”

It's a happy hoppy Christmas!


Music seemed to fill the house a lot lately. Dad would play music through the speakers, and sometimes, he’d sing along. “’Tis the season,” he said,“They’re Christmas carols!” Dad was careful not to play the music too loud. He knew Abigail had very sensitive ears.

Sometimes, Dad would sing to her. “Abigail, I made up a song for you. It’s not a Christmas carol, but it goes to the tune of “Holly Jolly Christmas,” he said. Dad began singing:

I’ve got a happy, hoppy, bunny

She’s the cutest bun of all,

Chestnut coat with big brown eyes,

A tail that’s really small.

I’ve got a happy, hoppy, bunny

And she makes me laugh a lot,

When she jumps in the air and flips around

And runs and plays and hops.

Hop, hop, the bunny goes

All around the house,

Hop, hop, the bunny goes

As quiet as a mouse!

Happy hoppy

Happy hoppy

Happy hoppy, ho!

I’ve got a happy, hoppy, bunny

And if you see her by your feet,

Say hello, and pet her nose

And give her a little treat.

I’ve got a happy, hoppy, bunny

And you can help buns too,

Give them a home with lots of love

And make them happy too!

Abigail liked it when Dad sang to her. It made her feel special. And now, she even had her own song!

Happy Hoppy Bunny

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