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Through Abigail’s Eyes: “Hiding the Roots”

Through Abigail's Eyes: Hiding the Root

CHAPTER 58 – Hiding the Roots

Abigail ran along the base of the tall windows, dodging the long black “root” that ran along her path. “This is annoying,” she thought. “It’s in my way!” She decided it was time to clear the root out of the way and began chewing on it, just like she would chew on a willow branch that was in her way. “Yuck. This doesn’t taste very good,” she thought, as she chewed off bits of the black bark.

Dad heard a funny noise coming from behind the couch, so he went over to investigate. There was Abigail, surrounded by little bits of black plastic, nibbling on the corrugated cord guard that he had wrapped around the electrical cords that ran around the room. “What are you doing, Abigail?” Abigail looked up innocently at Dad and thought, “Just clearing this root out of my way!” Dad replied, “Oh sweetie, it’s not good for you to chew on that.” Dad decided it was time to install a more permanent solution. He never really liked the look of the black plastic “root” running around the room anyway.

The next day, Abigail was relaxing in her nap spot when Dad came in with an arm full of long white plastic things. “What are those?” wondered Abigail. “These are cord channels,” explained Dad. “I’m going to hide all the cords inside these so they won’t be in your way and you won’t need to chew on them!” 

Abigail liked it when Dad worked on projects. It gave her some entertainment. She watched as Dad cut the white channels to the right length and then stuck them to the baseboards all the way around the room. He stuffed all the wires inside the channels and clicked the covers shut. Just like magic, the cords had disappeared!

Dad sat back to admire his handiwork and turned to Abigail and said, “There! The room looks neater and I don’t have to worry about you chewing through any electrical cords!” Abigail was happy. Now her running path around the room was free of obstacles. As she took a test run around the room, she thought, “Dad is so clever!” 

No more roots

Abigail can finally relax, knowing those "roots" were no longer in her running path.  

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