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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Home for the Holidays (187)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 187 – Home for the Holidays

Abigail stared out the window and watched the light fade to black. The night chased away the afternoon early these days. She could tell it was colder outside now by the coolness of the window. Luckily for her, it was warm and cozy inside the House of Buns.

Just then, she heard some noise. She peered around the couch and saw Dad climbing up and down into the ceiling. This was her sixth time “around the block” here at the House of Buns. She knew what was coming!

Dad said, “Hey there, Abigail! It’s time to decorate for Christmas! I’m going to change things up a bit this year. How about we give you the little aluminum tree with the extra small lights to match your extra small size?” Abigail liked that idea. It was very colorful and magical, and just her size.

As he decorated her tree, he continued, “We’ll give Mocha and Hobo your white tree with blue lights to match the lighting on the starship Bunnyprise. Bentley will still get his white tree with multi-colored lights. But what should we do for our guest bun, Enzo?”

Dad finished decorating Abigail’s tree by placing a blue star on top and then hung her stocking by the fireplace. Suddenly, he had an idea! Abigail watched as he climbed back up into the ceiling. She heard some rustling around and then watched Dad bring down a large box and carry it into Enzo’s room.

Enzo was sitting on the bed in the guest room when Dad came in with a big box in his arms. “Hi Enzo,” he said, “It’s Christmas time. We like to decorate for Christmas here at the House of Buns. Since everybun gets their own tree with a different theme, I thought you should, too!”

Enzo watched with curiosity as Dad pulled a big green bush out of the box. He set it up on top of a cabinet and hung some colored balls on it. Then he plugged it in. The room lit up with warm white light. “We’re going ‘old-school’ with your tree. This is the tree I used back when I was in college. That was a long time ago!” he laughed. Dad finished decorating by hanging a red stocking on the cabinet.

Like most kids, Enzo was far more interested in playing with the box. He hopped inside, explored, and tugged at the cardboard with his teeth.

Dad sat down on the bed next to Enzo and asked, “What do you think?” Enzo hopped out of the box and put his paws on Dad’s lap. He thought, “It’s nice, Dad. But honestly, I’m just happy to have a home for the holidays.”

Everybun gets their own themed-tree at the House of Buns.

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