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Through Abigail’s Eyes: In a Mood (120)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 120 – In a Mood

Dad turned off the 11 o’clock news. He started their “playlist” and looked over at Abigail. It was time for their nightly ritual. “Time for pets?” he asked.

Dad laid down on the floor and reached out to pet Abigail. But instead of lowering her head and granting him permission to pet, she stood up and hopped to the other side of the table. This was unusual.

“Abigail, you don’t want your pets?” asked Dad. Dad went around to the other side of the table where Abigail was sitting and tried again. “Pets?” he asked as he reached out his hand.

“No, Dad. Not in the mood tonight,” thought Abigail. One of the advantages of being a free roam bunny was that she could choose what she wanted to do. Abigail chose to get up and hop away.

Dad thought back over recent events. Nothing unusual had happened that should have caused her to be upset. It seemed she was just “in a mood”. He respected her wishes and left her alone. At least he wasn’t getting the dreaded “bunny butt”.

“OK, sweetie. Sleep well. I’m off to bed. See you in the morning.” said Dad.

Dad padded down the carpeted stairs to his “burrow”. Bentley was waiting in the room just outside the bedroom. “Hi B-boy. How are you doing?” he asked as he reached down to give him a pet. But Bentley hopped off under the table, which was one of his napping spots.

“You want to come watch TV with me?” asked Dad. It was their nightly ritual to watch an episode of M*A*S*H before bed. Bentley would usually wait on the floor for his pets and treats before heading to his burrow under Dad’s bed for a good night’s sleep.

But as the closing theme of M*A*S*H came on, there was still no Bentley. “Bentley, are you coming?” asked Dad.

He went over to the outer room and saw Bentley’s butt hanging out from under the table. “Mr. B! Are you coming to bed?” asked Dad. But Bentley was not budging. Apparently, he was “in a mood”, too. Dad knew better than to force the issue.

“OK. Sleep well little one,” said Dad as he headed back into the bedroom.

The next morning, all was right with the world again. Bentley was waiting for Dad on the floor of the bedroom when he woke up. And upstairs, Abigail greeted him good morning by lowering her head for pets.

Dad shook his head and smiled. “Bunnies,” he thought, “They’re like people. Sometimes they’re just ‘in a mood’!”

Just like people, sometimes bunnies get "in a mood".

Just like people, sometimes bunnies get "in a mood".

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