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Through Abigail’s Eyes: “My Protector”

Abigail knows that Dad always has her back

CHAPTER 16 – My Protector


Abigail sat in the middle of the living room floor, facing the front door. Ears up. Nose twitching. Ready to thump her foot again. She was signaling, “Red Alert!” It was a warm summer evening and the main door was open, with the screen door letting in the breeze. Abigail heard a strange noise outside.

It’s every rabbit’s job to warn the warren whenever they sense danger. In Abigail’s case, the only other member of her warren was Dad. But she still felt the need to warn him, and she liked it when he would run over to her side when she thumped. She felt safer, knowing he was there. He was her protector.

Dad heard her thump resonate through the house. It was amazing how that tiny foot could make such a loud thump. He rushed over to see what was the matter. “What’s up, little one?” he asked. Abigail looked up at him and wondered, “Did you hear the noise?” Dad looked where her ears were facing, and the two of them sat on the floor, staring at the front door.

Dad went over to investigate. Abigail watched as he opened the screen door and looked outside. “He’s so brave,” she thought. He found nothing, and came back to report to her, “It’s OK Abigail, everything’s fine. No need to worry. You’re safe. Besides, I’m right here. I’ll protect you.” Dad laid down next to her and waited until she felt sure the danger had passed, and she went back about her business.

Abigail loved to explore late at night. For her, play time was from 11 PM to 2 AM. But if Dad went to bed early, she would just stay close to her base, where it was safe. She liked it when he stayed up late and laid on the floor near her. She’d explore new spaces and run through the rooms, skipping as she went, carefree, knowing that she was safe because Dad was nearby to protect her. She felt brave!

Together, they were a team. They were a warren!

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