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Through Abigail’s Eyes: “Online Dating”

Through Abigail's Eyes: Online Dating


Abigail looked over at Dad who was laying on the floor staring at his tablet. She hopped over to see what he was looking at. “Whoa!” she thought. There on the screen was the handsomest rabbit she had ever seen—a Netherland Dwarf like she—with beautiful markings. “Who is that?” she swooned.

“That’s Gizmo,” laughed Dad, “Do you like him? He’s pretty cute, huh? He’s Shelby’s rabbit. She works for Small Pet Select.” Abigail hadn’t seen another Netherland Dwarf since she left her mom. “Can I meet him?” she wondered. “I’m sorry, Sweetie,” said Dad, “He lives way on the other side of the country."  Abigail’s ear drooped in disappointment. “Would you like to share a willow wreath with him?” asked Dad. “Oh yes!” thought Abigail.

Dad packaged up a box of her favorite willow wreaths and shipped them off to Gizmo. Gizmo lived with his two lop-eared brothers, Stewie and Nibbler, so Dad made sure they sent enough for Gizmo to share.

A week passed by and one day, Dad was on the floor staring at the tablet when he announced, “Abigail! Look! You got a card! It’s from Gizmo!” Dad opened the card on the tablet. It was a comic called “Gizmo gets mail!” The comic began with Gizmo receiving Abigail’s package. In the next frame, his brothers were teasing him, “Ohhh, Abigail… Gizmo and Abigail sittin’ in a tree…” to which Gizmo replied, “Shudup guys!”  Then Gizmo opened the box and his brothers immediately dove for the wreaths. “Hey! Abigail sent those to me!” said Gizmo. “But she says you can share them with your brothers!” laughed Stewie. Gizmo retorted, “Hmmph. She likes me the most!”

Abigail twitched her nose and giggled. It was true. As cute as his brothers were, she thought Gizmo was the handsomest bunny she had ever seen—especially because he was a Netherland Dwarf. Abigail was happy. Gizmo liked her gift, and she had had her first online date!   

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