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Through Abigail’s Eyes: “Redecorating”

Through Abigail's Eyes - Redecorating


Dad draped a black fleece blanket over the slick glass coffee table, using it like a table cloth. He needed a plain surface to review the draft of his new book on. The black surface was great for removing any busy distractions. Abigail pretended to nap while she kept an eye on him. “What is he doing in my territory?” she wondered.

After reviewing the draft for a couple of hours, Dad took a break and headed to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. Abigail hopped over to the coffee table for a closer look. She sniffed around, and then slunk underneath the black cloth. “This would make a great hidey spot!” she thought, “No one would ever see me under here!”

She hopped back out from under the table and stood up on her back feet and peered up at the table. She had watched Dad reach for the treat bag up there whenever she begged for a treat. But she had never ventured up on the table because it was slippery and see-through. That made her nervous. But now, it looked solid!

Mustering up her courage, Abigail hopped onto the table. The fleece gave her good traction, so she felt secure. She wandered around on the table, checking out everything up there. Sure enough, she found the treat bag, and there were a couple of treats lying next to the bag. “Oh boy!” she thought, “Dad left me some treats!” She began munching on her new found treasures.

Just then, Dad came back into the living room with his cup of coffee. As always, he scanned the room to look for Abigail, but she wasn’t in her normal spots. He headed towards the coffee table, and to his surprise, there was Abigail, sitting amongst the proof pages, staring up at him. “Abigail! What are you doing up here?” he asked, “Are you here to help me edit the proofs?” Abigail thought, “Ummm, no. Just checking things out.” Abigail nonchalantly hopped off the table and dove underneath it to hide. As Dad set his coffee cup upon the table, he noticed the treats he left out were missing. “Hmmm,” he chuckled, “Smart girl!”

After that, hopping onto the coffee table became a regular part of Abigail’s routine. And when Dad couldn’t find Abigail in her usual spots, he’d find her hiding under the table cloth. Knowing how much she liked the black fleece on the table, he left it there for her, even though it covered up his nicely decorated table. Once again, in her own quiet way, Abigail had redecorated the living room. 

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