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Through Abigail’s Eyes: “Superbun”

Through Abigail's Eyes: Superbun

CHAPTER 57—Superbun

Abigail and Dad had just finished watching the new movie, Avengers—Endgame, where all the superheroes come together to fight evil. Abigail, thought, “I wish I could have superpowers like them! I would like to thump anyone who is mean to rabbits!”

Dad smiled, “Well, Abigail. I’m afraid you’re a bit too small to stop anyone with your thump. But you do have some amazing superpowers—bunny superpowers—that would help you! You’re extremely fast, like the Flash. I mean, where do you think the phrase ‘quick like a bunny’ came from? You can leap tall objects in a single bound, just like Superman. You’re stealthily quiet—I never hear you coming. You have super hearing— you can hear a pin drop—in the next room! You can become invisible because your coat camouflages you so well that you blend into the natural background. And you’re so tiny, you can squeeze into tight little spaces that no one else can. All together, I’d say these make you an ExtraSuperHero!”

Abigail had never thought about it that way. Dad was right. She did possess some amazing powers for being such a tiny little creature. She just never had to use them much, since she lived indoors in a safe environment.

Dad chuckled, “But do you know what your best super power is, sweetie? You’re so darned cute! You can disarm anyone with your adorable cuteness! You’re definitely my Superbun!”

Abigail giggled. She liked being Dad’s Superbun.

Super Bun to the rescue!

Super Abigail to the rescue!

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