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Through Abigail’s Eyes: The Birthday Girl (153)

Abigail at her typewriter

CHAPTER 153 – The Birthday Girl

The morning sun lit up the room. Abigail was still in her “cold night sleeping spot” by the heater vent when she heard Dad singing. But it wasn’t his usual song, “Are there any little bunnies here?” No, today he was singing something different, “Happy Birthday to you…” As he entered the room, Abigail heard him say in one breath, “Where’s my little birthday girl? There she is!”

Dad knelt down on the floor to give her some morning pets. “Good morning Abigail! How’s my little girl today? Happy Birthday! You’re six years old! I can’t believe you’re six already. Time sure flies!” Abigail was only a year and a half old when she came to live with Dad.

Abigail rested her chin on the carpet and closed her eyes, enjoying the head rub. Dad continued, “Six years ago, you came into this world. I’m so glad you’ve been a part of my world. You make me so happy!” Dad kissed her gently on the head. “OK, let me get breakfast ready and then I’ll bring you your present.”

“Present?” thought Abigail, “I wonder what it is!” Dad headed off to the kitchen. Abigail got up, stretched, and sauntered over to her morning spot by the window. A few minutes later, Dad returned with her orange tray filled with different fresh greens.

“Here you go, here’s your breakfast!” he said. Abigail ran over to the “buffet” to get her slice of apple. That was her favorite. As she munched on the fresh apple slice, Dad said, “You know, it’s hard to get the rabbit who has everything something new for her birthday. But willow is just coming back in season, so I picked some fresh willow branches yesterday and made you a new foraging ball.”

Abigail was excited! She hadn’t had fresh willow in months. She hopped over to investigate. The ball was woven from willow branches and about the same size she was. Strands of hay stuck out the top like little sparklers. Inside, the ball was filled with different kinds of hay with her favorite treats sprinkled throughout.

Abigail grabbed one of the tender young willow leaves and began nibbling. “Yum!” she thought. Her nose told her a treat was inside, so she began digging at the ball, trying to find it. “Good present, Dad!” she thought.

Dad smiled with amusement. It warmed his heart whenever she played with his inventions.

Dad knew that the average life of a house rabbit is 11 years. Half her life had passed by so quickly. He vowed to make the most of the next half of her life. As she stuffed her head into the ball to snag a treat, Dad said softly, “Happy Birthday, little one. I love you more than ever!”

Dad makes a fresh new foraging ball for Abigail's birthday.

Dad makes a fresh new foraging ball for Abigail's birthday.

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