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Through Abigail’s Eyes: “The Painting”

Through Abigail's Eyes: The Painting

CHAPTER 52 – The Painting

Dad shared the photos he took of Abigail with his artist friend Brennie. He thought she would appreciate seeing the photos. Brennie wrote back, “That’s funny. You’ll never guess what my current series of paintings are—rabbits!” Coincidentally, Brennie was creating a series of rabbit paintings for her Spring art exhibition. “I’d love to paint Abigail!” she said. She set to work on a concept.

A few days later, Brennie sent a mockup for a painting. It depicted Abigail sitting on a stack of books facing the viewer, and then another view of Abigail from the back, leaning against some books. “I love this!” said Dad, “You get both the front and rear view of her in one picture! One of the things I love about paintings is you can create a scene that isn’t possible to photograph.” Brennie went to work.

Several months later, Brennie stopped by for a visit. She brought the finished painting, nicely matted and framed. The beautiful teal background complimented Abigail’s chestnut coat. “I want you to have this!” she said.

Dad was thrilled. He set the painting down on the floor. “Look Abigail. You’re in a painting!” Abigail wandered over to investigate. Like a good art critic, she stared at it, and then she sniffed it. “They look like me,” she thought. Dad replied, “They ​are you, sweetie!”

Dad hung the painting securely above Abigail’s spot. It was perfect—a moment in time shared by the three of them.

Abigail Painting

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