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Through Abigail’s Eyes: Upgrading the Loo (142)

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CHAPTER 142 – Upgrading the Loo

Bentley sat in his “loo” doing his business. The loo was a small triangular-shaped space between the dresser and the media stand in Dad’s bedroom. Bentley had chosen that spot for his loo once he decided that running all the way upstairs to use the bathroom was a bit inconvenient. Dad obliged and placed a scrap piece of vinyl flooring over the carpet and covered it with a towel, which he changed daily. For years, Bentley used that spot faithfully, never ever decorating other spots in the room like some other bunnies at the House of Buns did.

Dad passed by and said, “Hi Bentley!” He noticed Bentley had the same “twiddling my thumbs” look on his face that Dad had if he didn’t have a magazine or his phone when he went to visit the loo. Suddenly, the idea light popped on above Dad’s head.

“Hey Bentley, how would you like a magazine rack for your loo?” he asked. Bentley wondered, “What would I do with a magazine rack?” Dad replied, “Just wait. You’ll see.”

A few minutes later, after Bentley was done with his business, Dad reappeared with a wooden rack in one hand and a hammer in the other. Bentley watched as Dad crawled into his loo. He heard some pounding, and then Dad backed away. Hanging on the wall was the wooden rack, which was really a hay manger from Small Pet Select, though it did resemble a magazine rack. Dad filled it with some Small Pet Select orchard grass hay and a sprinkling of alfalfa hay.

“There!” he announced, “Now you have the bunny equivalent of a magazine rack. It’ll give you something to do while you’re in the loo!”

Bentley raised one ear. Curious, he went into his loo to check out this new addition. Soon, he was nibbling on hay while doing his business. “Hey, this is pretty cool, Dad! Good idea!” thought Bentley. Dad smiled, “Glad you like it!”

Bentley's "loo" gets and "upgrade".

​Bentley's "loo" gets and "upgrade".

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