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Through Abigail’s Eyes: “Vet Visit”

Abigail's vet visit

CHAPTER 37 – Vet Visit

“Abigail, are you crying?” asked Dad. The fur around her right eye was matted and damp. “Hmmm. Maybe we’d better have the vet take a look at you,” suggested Dad. Abigail didn’t like the word vet. She ran for cover.

Dad set her carrier down on the floor and opened the door. Abigail reluctantly hopped inside because she trusted Dad.  But she wasn’t happy about it.

“You can wait in here for the doctor,” said the vet tech. Dad reached into the carrier and lifted Abigail out and set her down on the examination table. Abigail looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings. “Dad, I don’t like this!” she thought. She turned around, stood up on her back feet, and began pawing at Dad’s chest. Dad held out his arms, and Abigail jumped into them and snuggled in. She knew Dad would protect her!

Abigail watched as the strange man shined a bright light in her eye. “What are you doing?” she wondered. But when Dad handed her over to the vet, Abigail began kicking. “No, Dad! I don’t know him!” The vet held her for a bit to examine her, and then gave Abigail back to Dad. Abigail burrowed into the crook of Dad’s arm.

“Let’s put some dye in her eye so I can check her cornea,” said the vet. Abigail watched as he pried open her eye and squirted something into it. She didn’t like it, but she didn’t squirm, knowing she was in Dad’s arms. The man shined a bright light in her eye. “No damage to the cornea. And I don’t’ see any signs of infection. I think she might have just poked her eye with some hay. They do that sometimes. Just keep an eye on it and I’ll check back with you in a couple of days.”

Back home, Dad rinsed out the matted fur around her eye and carefully dried it and combed it out. Abigail didn’t struggle. “Thanks for grooming me,” she thought. Dad smiled. It warmed his heart knowing Abigail felt safe in his arms.   

A few days passed, and Abigail’s eye was back to normal. Dad was relieved it was nothing serious. And Abigail was happy to be more comfortable again.

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