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Top Fifteen Cuties, April 13, 2019

 Top Fifteen Cuties

Spring has sprung....and so have the dandelions!

At my house we say "if you can't beat 'em, eat 'em!"  Dandelions are so much more than weeds, they are delicious AND nutritious.  Small Pet Select even uses both dandelion leaves as well as the roots in some of their products.  

Check them all out below!

How to Submit a Pigture

As always, if you want your cutie featured, please email your submission with your cuties name, breed (rabbit, guinea pig, etc.)  in the subject line and any other information you'd like to share to

~Eliza and Grace

#1: Meet Midnight and Smokey (top photo) and Kiki (bottom photo).  If you've got a house full of small pets, check out our website for species specific food and supplies you can trust.

When in doubt, you can't go wrong with a Sampler Box.  Your little ones are sure to dive right in!

#2:  Boba loves his Small Pet Select Rabbit Pellets.  He's looking ready for a bunny nap after filling up his belly with good food.

#3: These cuties live with 4 other guinea pig friends and mom says they all love Small Pet Select Hay.   She also just ordered the white paper bedding and likes how soft it is, we bet the piggies do to!

#4: Oreo was so excited about his recent delivery of Oat Hay that he jumped right into the box.  Save a little for tomorrow Oreo!

#5:   This is Butter, she is a Coronet guinea pig and is about 2 yrs old.  She lives with her guinea pig family – Taquito, Cricket, Butterbean, and Maggie.

 They like to gobble up lots and lots of Orchard Hay.

#6:  The top photo is Frosty after getting his weekly brushing from his favorite human dad. He has lived with his family for four years now and has settled in nicely.  He has an easy going personality​.

The bottom photo is Thumper.  She is a mischievous little bunny filled with spunk. She's good at figuring out how to get into places she shouldn’t!!

Do you know who else is occasionally mischievous?!  Most of you know EXACTLY who I'm talking about, if you don't, check out our very own Belinda the Spokes Rabbit right here!!!

UK friends, send us your photos.  We can't wait to feature you!  Here's your UK Free shipping code: TFC-DANDELION.


#7:  Legolas was so excited for his hooman mom's birthday that he even wore a hat to celebrate!  

 He loves to gobble up Vita-Licious Essentials Daily Superfoods with both Dandelion leaf and root as well as other beneficial herbs. 

Become a Small Pet Select Ambassador, join here.

We also have our own Small Pet Select Ambassador Facebook join us!

#8: Destiny is 15. She's a spunky Polish/Chinchilla mix that was fostered by her hooman starting at 5 weeks and then she adopted her. Even though she is now blind and struggles with EC she still loves her Small Pet Select 2nd cut hay.

#9:  Petunia (top photo) doing a glamour shot!  Isaac (bottom photo) hanging out in his Small Pet Select 2nd cutting timothy hay

#10:  Bowie is yet another of our cuties that loves his 2nd Cut Timothy Hay!!  He also keeps his rabbitat fresh with the brown paper bedding.  You can purchase the two together in a bundle to save money.

#11:   Harley stays healthy by eating lots and lots of 2nd Cut Timothy hay.  

 She also enjoys the healthy snackers.  Did you know we've got a Dandelion/Carrot flavor?  So yummy!

#12:  Sam is on the look out for his order of 1st Cut Timothy Hay.  

Never run out of hay with our convenient auto ship option.

#13:  Meet Sweet Pea (grey) and Sodapop(orange).  They love spending quality time together in their hay box!!

#14:  Cannoli is a 7 1/2 year old Mini Lop.  She just moved into her new castle and loves it!

#15 Charlie's sister Daisy was featured a few weeks ago and he thought that was pretty cool.  He realized that he too wanted to be a part of Top Fifteen Cuties so grabbed a piece of his favorite Oat Hay and posed for the camera!



Any plant as versatile and durable as the dandelion certainly deserves recognition. Many people just think of dandelions as weeds in their lawns. To kids though, the dandelion is a flower you can also make a wish on! Dandelion leaves can also be eaten in soups and salads. It is rich in vitamins A, B, C, and D. Dandelions can even be used medicinally and make a delicious earthy tasty tea.  Whether it's for you or your little ones, give dandelions a try!

To find out more, go here.

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