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Top Fifteen Cuties, April 20, 2019

Top 15 Cuties 4/20/19

Top Fifteen Cuties

April 20th is Look Alike Day!  Do you ever find that the more you hang out with your best animal friends, the more you begin to look and act like them?!

As always, we've got 15 REALLY cute photos for you to enjoy this week.  And guess what, they all Look Alike!!  Each photo features one of your small pets doing what they do best.....EATING HAY!!!!!!

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~Eliza and Grace

#1: Even though Obsidian and Onyx look alike Mom can easily tell them apart by their personalities.  She let us know that when their Thrifty Thursday order arrived Obsidian knew right away so he told Onyx it was hay time!!!  Rabbits have their own way of communicating and we can learn to recognize what they are saying thru their body language.

#2:   Patrick is a silky guinea pig.  I wish I could get my hair to look that good!!

  Must be all the Small Pet Select guinea pig products!!

#3:  This is Shadow.  He's enjoying yummy Orchard hay and when he's done with that it's onto some Twists for snack time!

#4:  Bugsy is a curious rabbit.  She's investigating all of the fresh products that just arrived.  Wow, Hay,  Carrot/Dandelion Snackers, AND Flower Power Berry Boost herbs.  Mom thought of everything!

#5:  Quinn and Harley are also checking out their fresh delivery.  Dried fruit and 2nd Cut Timothy Hay.  Thanks Dad, life is good!

#6:  This is Rex the Mini Rex from Mont Belvieu Texas.  He loves Small Pet Select Hay!

UK friends, send us your photos.  We can't wait to feature you!  Here's your UK Free shipping code: TFC-LOOKALIKE.


#7:  Calvin is an English Angora rockin' a sweet haircut perfect for spring.  He was adopted from NYC Animal Care Center in Manhattan in June of 2016 and has been enjoying Small Pet Select rabbit supplies ever since.

Look at all of that hay Calvin, how do you decide which to nibble on first ?

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#8: Danny on the left and Daisy on the right trying new (to them) Orchard Hay.  Looks like they're giving it two paws up!

#9:  Ziggy(top) and Stardust(bottom) wheek when ever Timothy Hay comes into view. They love their daily servings.  And just look at the yummy flower heads on that 2nd Cut Timothy Hay!

#10: Hi, I’m Jasper, I’m 5.5 months old and love to give kisses to my mommy. Thank you so much for all my delicious new Treats as well as the delicious  Alfalfa Hay with lots of nutrients to help me grow up strong!

#11:  This is Fessy, short for Professor (her hooman is a microbiologist and she wants to be just like her!!).  Fessy wears hay flowers as well as her spider bow in her gorgeous mane.  She's one smart bunny eating up lots of Small Pet Select 2nd Cut Timothy Hay.

#12:  Sesame Bun is a  chestnut Dwarf Holland Lop.  She's 9 weeks old and is keeping her human on their toes as she practices taking photos of a moving target.  

Thanks for holding still long enough for this super cute photo Sesame Bun!  I bet as soon as you finish that piece of Alfalfa you will be off zooming around again.

#13: Lolly is a Silver Fox rabbit adopted from the Buckeye House Rabbit Society.  She is a twelve-pound gentle giant!  Lolly loves the 2nd Cut Timothy Hay so much she has to get right in the box!

#14:  This is  Zuca. When his pet pawrent was putting his hay for the week in his hay drawer he jumped right up into the box of Oat Hay and started grazing.  He loves everything Small Pet Select

#15  Ok, ONE photo of a bunny not eating hay...

  But that's because Lily is all tuckered out after a busy morning munching on  lots of delicious fresh Gourmet Hay!!



Look Alike Day is a fun holiday invented to celebrate identical twins, clones, copycats and anyone (or any pet!) who you look like or who looks like you.

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