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Top Fifteen Cuties, February 2, 2019

 Top Fifteen Cuties

That's right, it's official. We're not just tourists anymore! Can I get a "binky" and a "wheek wheek"?

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~Eliza, Grace, and Jessica

#1:  It's so cold in parts of the US and this piggie trio-Millie, Shirley and Laverne-are smart by snuggling!  Eating lots of healthy hay also supports a healthy metabolism to keep your furbabies warm.

#2:  BunBun is so excited for his 2nd cutting hay delivery he struck a pose.  Check out his super awesome setup.

#3: Snuggle bugs Sam (brown) Dean (gray) they're 15 months old.  While some piggie pawrents use fleece for their enclosures, we also have a full line of bedding options.

#4:  Fabio (long hair), Negan(black), and Penelope (squirrel color) enjoy the all the items their Mom bought. They especially love our Gourmet Hay.

#5:  Recent adoptee 👑 King Chuck is so 🐰
hoppy he got his
castle and treats!

#6:  It's also Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day! Jessica' is pretty excited about this as one of her favorite ice cream flavors is cookies and cream, and sweet Oreo up above, reminded her of that...

UK friends, send us your photos.  We can't wait to meet you!

#7:  After living on the streets for most of his 5 years, Mojo, a special needs kitty, was rescued and is now living his best life!   He loves digging into his box of Small Pet Select Hay and making a nest! Imagine if he had a little catnip added 🙂

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#8: Darling Mabel, so adorable with her tiny hands chewing on some yummy Oat hay tops!  Oat hay is adelicious treat hay to feed your chinchilla. It’s high in fiber, protein, and fat and is yellowish in color. Our oat hay even has some of the oat still attached, making it even more delicious.

#9: Did you know we now carry  Rat and Hamster products for cuties like Nezumi and her friends?  This is only a few of our many species products and more coming soon.  Stay tuned!

#10:  Sweet Lil' Potato, was brought to the Stick House Sanctuary 1 1/2 years ago as a newborn with a broken femur due to improper enclosure.  Today Potato is a free roam family member loved by all, enjoying all the comforts of home! If you know of a caring rescue or exotic Vet, help add them to our list

#11: Looks like Coco is ready to go-go to Mexico! ¡Este conejito se va de fiesta! Don't forget to take all the essentials, Vita-licious, travel snacks, luggage and most important of all, your First Class Gourmet hay.

#12:  Go ahead, you know you want to rub Samantha's cute little nose.  Who can resist this sweet face resting on her 2nd cut timothy hay roll?

#13:  Archie was recently rescued by his loving mom Andrea and is about a year old. He LOVES our banana chips and strawberries!! Besides his daily fresh greens, he enjoys his standing order of 10 lbs 3rd Cut + 5 lbs Rabbit Pellets Bundle.

#14:  These two are our purrfect Valentine couple!  Whether it's snuggling by the water bowl or by the fireplace. Don't you agree? Morris (brown) has found true love with Snuggles (black). He likes to whisper sweet nothings in her ear! 

#15:  Here's Saphyre reminding you to have a heart and shower your Cuties with love, roses  and  Valentine  gifts in the month of February.



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