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Top Fifteen Cuties, January 26, 2019

 Top Fifteen Cuties 2019!

Happy Spouse's Day!

January 26th is Spouse's Day, a day to celebrate your spouse, better half, or significant other.  We love seeing our customers in bonded pairs, but we also know some are hoppy as singletons too.  One of our adorable singles, Sniffy, a Blue Point rabbit, lives in Lake Tahoe and is cherished by his Mom and Dad.

How to Submit a Pigture

As always, if you want your cutie featured, please email your submission with your cuties name, breed (rabbit, guinea pig, etc.)  in the subject line and any other information you'd like to share to

~Eliza, Grace, and Jessica

#1:  Did you know goats love our hay too?  Buckwheat has been a customer for a very long time and his mom wanted to share a video of him with you.  Please click here or on the photo above to see the video!

#2:  Hoppy couple Harrison and Mercedes make bunny bonding look easy, but not everybun has this kind of luck.  If you're interested in finding your bun a buddy, check out our blog post on bonding.

#3: First up in the piggy category are the precious Moe (bottom) and Boots (top).  Their mom says they absolutely love flower heads.  If you want to have your furbabies try some flower heads, order them Flower Power Berry Boost.  It's like springtime in a packet!  Also, new to our mini cookie Snacker lineup in a perfect size for piggies is our Flower Power flavor.

#4:  Zoey and Penelope, Dutch Doe sisters, were bundering when Santa was going to put their prezzies under the tree.  

We always have plenty of gift ideas for your fave floofs.  A great place to start are our toys and treats!

#5: Gordon and Sophia were anxiously awaiting their gifts from Small Pet Select.  We're sure they were good all year and Santa Paws made them very hoppy.

Need more gift ideas?  Our Toy Elf Product Line is always a hit!

#6:  Carley (left) and Franklyn (right) are huge fans of Small Pet Select hay...and Belinda!  If you're new to Small Pet Select, you can sign up to receive Belinda's blog every Sunday Bunday.  Need help receiving our emails?  Please contact customer service and we will be happy to help, lickety-split.

#7:  For those of us freezing our buns off, we can dream of being poolside with Marshmallow and Pumpkin.

Did you know guinea pigs can be bathed, but rabbits should not be? Check out Don't Bathe the Bunnies blog post for more information.

Are you a new piggie pawrent?  Click here for a blog post on how to bathe your piggie.  

Want to join our Small Pet Select Ambassador Group on Facebook?  Click on the pic above to go to the page and request to join!

#8: Benji (Black) and Willow say it's important to eat your hay every day as a part of a healthy diet. Fortunately we have 7 hay varieties to choose from!

#9:  Did you know a group of rats is called a mischief?  These cuties would never get into trouble!  Say hi to (from top to bottom): Sybil, Tutu, and Mimi.

#10:  Angel (top) and Bear are the rats' siblings.  Both are wonderful choices to have in your furamily.  We linked to our rat advice page above, but we also have one for piggies.

#11:  This herd of three boys, all around 1 year of age are very active, rumblestrutting experts, confident personalities, and highly intelligent, according to their pawrent.   

Kevin (white/brown)
Winston (gray/cream agouti)
Sylvester (white/black)

Need help bonding your herd?  Check out our guinea pig bonding blog post.

#12:  We'd like to wish Kokonib and Buttersnap (in the hay box) a hoppy belated birthday.  They turned one year old this wheek.  They sure love their Small Pet Select Orchard Medley

#13:  Here is an extra large herd: two chinchillas (brothers), Ben & Jerry, and three guinea pigs (all boys), Bubu, Piggy, and Sweet Pea-all with unique personalities.

Ben - The Cuddly One

Jerry - The Mischievous One

Bubu - The Empathic One 

Piggy - The Ravenous One

Sweet Pea - The Smart One (aka ‘Squeaker of the House’)

A lot of people don't know that chinchillas eat hay just like guinea pigs.  If you need recommendations on what kind of hay to feed your chin, go here.

#14:  Penny and Pippa popcorn in their soft bedding.  Did you know we have bundles with hay and bedding to save you money?  You can even set up an auto-ship so you never run out.

#15:  Oliver (brown and white) and Felix love looking out the window on summer nights.  It's always good to have lots of activities to keep your furbabies from getting bored, but some toys are safer than others for piggies.  Click here to see which to stay away from.



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