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Top Fifteen Cuties, March 2, 2019

 Top Fifteen Cuties

March 3 is I Want You to be Happy Day, a day to make someone feel special and happy.  When we share our homes with animals, whether they are 1 lb. or 110 lbs. it seems like every day for them is "I want you to be happy" day.    What has your pet companion done recently to put a smile on your face?!

How to Submit a Pigture

As always, if you want your cutie featured, please email your submission with your cuties name, breed (rabbit, guinea pig, etc.)  in the subject line and any other information you'd like to share to

~Eliza, Grace, and Jessica

#1: Meet Buddy, he  is a Rex rabbit.  Who could say no to this face? 

Buddy, I bet your pet pawrents give you treats ANY TIME YOU ASK FOR THEM!

#2:   This is Blue, she and her sisters love Small Pet Select hay.  

Blue- you seem to have "the look" down too, I imagine your hooman family spoil you with Small Pet Select guinea pig products every chance they get.

#3:  Ziggy is a lionhead mix, she was born in the wild so her mom isn't sure what her exact breed is.  The top picture is when she first came home, only 4 weeks old.   Ziggy is now comfortable in a home, as you can clearly see in the bottom picture!  She got her name because she zig zags in the air.  Check out this blog post about binkies and what they mean.

#4: When you have this many mouths to feed consider a subscription order to make sure fresh hay is delivered regularly.  We wouldn't ever want to see sad guinea pig eyes if they ever ran out of their yummy hay.

#5:  Cosmo loves to get outside with his hooman as well as dive in into a freshly delivered box of Orchard.  Sometimes it's the simplest things in life that bring happiness 🙂

#6:  Say hello to Jasper and Panda Pig.  These two buddies dug right into their hay... but as you can see they ate ALL of their Small Pet Select pellets first!

UK friends, send us your photos.  We can't wait to meet you!

#7:  Gingersnap is zonked out! Have you ever seen such a relaxed bun?  Nothing brings more happiness and peace than to see our little loved ones like this.  I wonder if she's dreaming of some new chew toys?

Want to join our Small Pet Select Ambassador Group on Facebook?  Click on the pic above to go to the page and request to join!

#8:  Baloo and Ryu are guinea pig friends.  Their body language seems to say they are a bit curious about the camera.

 I know I personally can never have enough photos of my pet family to make me happy!

#9:  Sweet Willow loves to steal Christmas cards and spread Christmas cheer. She stays strong by eating lots and lots of 2nd cut timothy hay.

 I have a feeling you spread cheer all year round Willow!

#10:  Maia is a hotot, she's a year old.  I think Mom would be EXTRA happy Maia if you kept your exercise pen that clean all the time.  We know bunnies like to do their own house keeping though so I'm sure you've rearranged some things since this photo!  Maia's mom keeps her space extra fresh with pine pellet bedding.

#11:  Ruca is a holland lop.  She loves to spend time with her family.  That precious face says "Hay, when's dinner?!"

#12:  Moe's mom says she's a sassy girl.  Each of our fur babies certainly have their own personality.  Read all about it here.  Moe likes 1st cutting timothy hay.

#13:   Bella's hooman mom keeps her happy AND healthy with Small Pet Select rabbit pellets and hay.  Did you know you can bundle and save on these and other items?  

#14:  These two handsome fellows are Skittles and Licorice.  When they're not busy putting smiles on their mom's face they enjoy gobbling down Small Pet Select 1st Cutting Timothy hay.

#15:  Steve and his hooman companion enjoy getting outdoors.  He also is head over heels for Small Pet Select 2nd cut timothy hay.



Even though happiness is a universal emotion, it can mean different things to different people. In today's busy world, it is easy to forget this and take on a more self-centric view of happiness. I Want You to be Happy Day inspires people set aside their definition of happiness and to find out what makes their loved ones happy and do those things for them.

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