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Top Fifteen Cuties, March 30, 2019

 Top Fifteen Cuties

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                                                     IN LIKE A LION, OUT LIKE A LAMB

Whether March brought sunshine or snow to your neck of the woods, one thing is for sure, the growing season is right around the corner!!  Happy Spring from all of us at Small Pet Select. 

How to Submit a Pigture

As always, if you want your cutie featured, please email your submission with your cuties name, breed (rabbit, guinea pig, etc.)  in the subject line and any other information you'd like to share to

~Eliza and Grace

#1: In like a....Lion(head!)

This is Pepper, he loves Healthy Snackers and Flower Power Berry Boost.

#2:  Jinxy is 6 months old and is our first Top Fifteen Cuties photo submission from the UK!!  He free roams around the house and isn't shy about demanding head rubs and body massage.  Jinxy doesn't lick teddys but instead fiddles with silky tags, so he has his own taggy teddy. This lucky bunn even gets to sleep on the top of his human mom's pillow at night!!! 

To keep your bunny well groomed, whether they've got long or short hair, try our hair buster comb.

#3:  Next up we've got Titan, a  Lionhead Lop mix.  He was rescued from a park during a heatwave in Los Angeles and was a huge hit at the shelter because of  his loving personality.  One of the volunteers brought him home and he bonded with Willow, who showed him that bunny love is just as great as human love.  They never leave each other's side.

 If you are considering bringing a second rabbit into your home, check out these bonding blog posts to support the process.

#4: Happy the Chinchilla is one lucky fella, his hooman keeps the house well stocked with 2nd Cut Timothy Hay.

#5:  Harvey is a Flemish Giant.  Here she is enjoying her recent arrival of 3rd Cut Timothy Hay from Small Pet Select. 

#6:  Hi, I'm BomBon, with an 'N' at the end, not an 'M' (everyone gets confused!).  Even though mom bought me a bunch of toys, grandma left this shoe box by my spot and I think it's pretty fun too.   I turned 4 years old on March 14 and as a present mom also bought me my own box of hay, normally I have to share with my 4 guinea pig sisters.  I think this Sampler Box is pretty amazing!

UK friends, send us your photos.  We can't wait to meet you!

#7:  This is Gypsy (brown) and Buddy (gray).  Buddy just joined his new family from the Nevada Humane Society, they think he is about one year old.  Wondering what kind of hay is best for your rabbit based on age?  Check out the answers here.

#8:  Bugs absolutely loves his Small Pet Select Wonderland Play Table!

#9:  This Mini Lop's name is Yojimbo Usagi.  He is enjoying his new Wonderland Play Table as well as the Herbal Blends.

#10:  Willow B.  is a rescue bunn with a huge sense of adventure and a lot of love to give.  She's willing to cooperate for her photo shoots as long as there is an abundance of Orchard Hay along with a Honeysuckle Vine Ring and a Meadow Loop or two!!  Her parents aren't sure of her breed so they say "she's 97% good and 3% wild Willow" 🙂

#11:   Brownie is one happy guinea pig sitting on top of 50 lbs. of Orchard Hay.  Don't get lost in there miss Brownie!!

#12:  Saphyre is a Holland Lop who enjoys Small Pet Select Rabbit Pellets.

#13:  The cute black and white rabbit is Sunada (hotot rabbit) and the up close curious white one is Hamsi (dutch dwarf).  These sweet little bunns love their 3rd Cut Timothy Hay and Orchard.

#14:  This is Harper, her first birthday was last month.   Happy belated  Harper!  She's stay healthy and strong with  2nd Cut Timothy Hay and keeps that gorgeous coat of hers nice with the  Hair Buster Comb.

#15 Out like a....flying bunny (sorry folks, didn't have any pictures of a lamb!!)

Peanut the super bunny has flown back in from a previous edition of Top Fifteen Cuties to put smiles on our faces once again!  We have a lot of fun behind the scenes at Small Pet Select, the team  of people that contribute to everything around here is pretty amazing.  Thanks Maurice 🙂



March is the month that comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb (or, on occasion, a flying super bunny!).

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