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Top Fifteen Cuties, May 11, 2019

Top Fifteen Cuties

Hoppy Mother's Day!

Whether you're a Mom to human kids or furry four legged ones, we wish you a wonderful and restful Mother's Day!   And to all you pet pawrents out there, we hope you feel inspired by these photos to get a little extra rest this week.

  But be forewarned, these little nappers are serious pro's. 

How to Submit a Pigture

As always, if you want your cutie featured, please email your submission with your cuties name, breed (rabbit, guinea pig, chicken, etc.)  in the subject line and any other information you'd like to share to

~Eliza and Grace

#1:  Meet the Goldsteins!  Janice (white Lop/Rex mix) and Harold, aka Barry, (brown Mini Lop) were both adopted from Bunny World Foundation in LA.  In addition to sharing snuggles during nap time, these two cuties also love to share the Sampler Hay Box and Belinda's Blend Herbs.

#2:  Mushu likes to sleep sitting in funny positions (top photo).

 His pal Gizmo is in the bottom photo.  Mushu has been teaching Gizmo how to sleep funny too....he is doing a great job!!

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#3:  Boo Boos (white and brown bunny) and Zeusy Boy (white and gray bunny) settle in for a good night's rest.  When Boo Boos gets up for a midnight snack Zeusy Boy takes advantage of the extra leg room and stretches out!  

These lucky rabbits use everything Small Pet Select: Soft Paper Bedding, 2nd Cut Timothy Hay, and Premium Rabbit Food Pellets.

#4:  Say hello to Luna.  She’s a 3 year old Netherland Dwarf that was adopted almost a year ago. She was bounced around to many homes but she now has her forever home where her hooman Mom feeds her hay from the Sampler Box and gives her treats and toys like the Sea Grass Mat and Fancy Fruited Pine Cones

#5: This is Molly, she’s a 1 year old mini lop with tons of sass and personality. She loves all the flavors of Healthy Snackers.  Whenever she hears the bag she runs over to get some!! 

#6: Olga is a Holland Lop and Oscar is a Mini Rex. Olga likes to take naps in her litter box....that is, until Oscar jumps in and wakes her up!  These two cuties love their Small Pet Select 2nd Cut Timothy Hay as well as the 4 Toy Sampler

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#7:  This is George, he was rescued just a couple months ago. He loves to snuggle on the couch and especially loves the Small Pet Select Healthy Snackers!  

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#8:  This is Casper. He is a 6 year old rescued lion head bunny from LA Rabbit Foundation. He is the love of his hooman Mom's life. He enjoys lounging on her bed as well as spending his days in his Castle and eating Small Pet Select Timothy Hay.

#9:  This is Hesperus.  She's a snuggly, friendly, ALWAYS hungry little girl so her Mom keeps the house fully stocked with all things Rabbit from Small Pet Select.  

Hesperus, you have one of the best bunny flops I've ever seen!  Sweet dreams:-)

#10:  This is four year old Rumbles.  He's such a pro at taking naps that he even has his own bed.  Rumbles is in the bonding process with two English Angora girls so sometimes he finds is easier to just flop on the floor to catch up on his rest!!  

When he's not napping, Rumbles likes Small Pet Select Orchard Hay.

#11:  Botasky, aka Bobo, loves napping underneath the chair, grooming underneath the chair, and in general hanging out underneath the chair!  If his Mom brought him his 2nd Cut Timothy Hay to eat under his chair he just might not ever leave 🙂

#12: Missy the Netherland Dwarf is waiting for Mom to tuck her in for her afternoon nap.  Mom says "It’s ALL about the bunny!"   Missy uses Small Pet Select Aspen Shavings Bedding and likes the Vita-Licious Essentials Daily Superfoods.  

#13:  Meet Reverend Guinness BunBun.  She loves the 2nd Cut Timothy Hay, but the Belinda's Blend herbs and Banana Treats have her heart.  The couch is all hers unless "those humans" take it over, then she settles for the floor during nap time.

#14:   This little guy isn't napping, at least not yet.  First Santino needs to fill his  belly with his fresh-smelling 3rd Cut Timothy Hay .  

 Santino's Mom let us know that he’s litter box trained & free roams in their house.  Being a free roam bunny allows him to go take naps under the bed whenever he wants (or when his hoomans are just being too noisy!).

 Another one of the benefits of being a Free Roam Bunny is he can hop  up on the couch for lots of head rubs & massage. 

#15:  Wrapping up this week of cuties is a dog.  But not just any dog, this is MY dog.  Her name is Sunny.  She's 8 years young and just joined our family about three weeks ago.  The first photo is the day she came home, she was so excited she wore herself out!  And now here she is sound asleep on my knee (snoring away having good doggie dreams) while I'm hard at work wrapping up this post!!  Well, at least Small Pet Select has me covered for all things Dog!!



Most of us are not getting the right amount of rest. Whether we’re too busy working all hours of the night or binge-watching into the early morning hours, most adults fail to reach a full 8 hours of sleep, let alone partake in the joys of napping.  Catching some midday shuteye can be quite beneficial for our health, both physically and mentally.

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