Charlie Cake’s Miracle

Oakhurst Guinea Pig Rescue turns Charlie Cake's life around!

Charlie Cake came to Oakhurst after an accident.  She had lost the use of her back legs, and was dragging herself around.  This was causing her toes to become swollen and painful.  Her family was trying to care for her, but was worried that she needed more.  Enter Oakhurst.

Oakhurst got busy getting Charlie Cake diagnostic care at the University of Georgia, and pinpointed a spinal fracture as the reason for the back leg paralysis.  Since guinea pigs are high risk surgery patients, Oakhurst and the veterinary team decided to go with managing the injury medically rather than surgically.  Charlie Cake had to be still and quiet for four weeks, with special foot treatments as well to heal her toes.  (See her getting her daily treatment below).

Those toes started looking better.

And it was time to give Charlie Cake the chance to spend some time with other piggies.  Oakhurst introduced Charlie Cakes to the rescue's special guinea pig wheelchair, and she took right to it!

One day, the Oakhurst team noticed that while this little piggy was in the wheelchair, she was using one of her back legs a bit to help push herself around!  Charlie Cake started to try to use her legs while she was being dried off after her foot care treatments.  

At her last checkup with Georgia State, Charlie Cake had regained 90% use of her back legs.

Miracles do happen...with dedication, lots of attention, and tender care, there can be amazing recoveries.  Once thought of as "throw-away" pets, our society now (hopefully!) knows better - these little loves deserve the chance, and we are finally learning how to give it to them.

Big thanks to Oakhurst Guinea Pig Rescue for sharing this story with us.  We love you guys!