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Variety is more than fun, it is healthier.

variety is healthier

Small animals are snackers.  All day long with the snacking.

sugar with plant 2

Sugar models a leaf for us.  We think it is her color.

Small animals can spend up to 75% of their time looking for food, nibbling stuff, and looking for the next good thing to eat.  Three quarters of their time!  During this search for the next good bite, they are moving around.  So they get some exercise. 

 What do these creatures seek out? 

healthy variety

Wild rabbits seek out a huge variety of plants, depending upon the time of year and the place they live.  They eat grasses and twigs and bark, and this gives them the fiber they need to keep tummies working right.  But they also eat flowers, leaves, shoots, berries, some roots (the ones that are near the surface, not the deep big ones like carrots), and vegetables.  They typically don’t eat fruit, unless it falls to the ground.  Fruit grows higher up, and nature didn’t make it available.  Rabbits can’t handle the higher sugar content, and it just isn’t part of their typical diet.

Guinea pigs search out much of the same, but they do eat any fruits and veggies they can get their paws on, since they need that Vitamin C.  

 When we bring animals into our homes, they miss out on almost all of that variety. We should take their “paleo” diet into consideration. 

Small animals get bored when they don’t get all this activity and variety.  They also miss out on all the micronutrients that they get when they eat a broad variety of plants.

 So what can you do?

 Give your little friend at least 3 kinds of fresh greens every day, and supplement with Herbal Mixes!   Happy satisfied beastie, happy human, right?


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