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VITA-LICIOUS IS HERE! (yes, we did mean to scream that)


Here’s a mouthful: Vita-Licious is a powerful daily broad-spectrum whole-food mix. It is a deep and extensive nutrition boost for your small animal that brings the benefit of variety back to the diet.

It is nature, in a bag.

Rabbits and guinea pigs are natural foragers. They meander around the meadow, snacking all over the place, picking out the choicest bits. Without variety, they can suffer a lack of trace minerals and other nutritional components.

Did you know their teeth require a variety of foods? They need to bite, and chew, and crunch. They need to pull at bark or twigs. If they don’t get a chance to do all those things, mouth health can deteriorate and tooth problems crop up.

Vita-Licous supports a healthy digestive tract, kidney and liver function, a strong heart, and good circulation. It also contains several anti-cancer agents, works against inflammatory conditions, and is mildly anti-viral and anti-bacterial. It does all this and it is still yummy (plus it smells like potpourri)!

Small animals, especially rabbits, are getting more attention from the veterinary and nutrition communities. We're learning more and more about just how much variety these little friends need to stay truly healthy. Fresh hay is critical, and the backbone of their diet. But fresh greens, as well as a varied diet to mimic forage, can help them live even better, and longer. And who doesn’t want their little friend to live forever?


Ingredients: Calendula, Chamomile, Dandelion Leaf, Dandelion Root, Elder Flower, Flaxseed Powder, Goldenrod, Hawthorn Leaf, Hibiscus Flower, Lavender, Milk Thistle Powder, Nettle, Oat Groats, Green Oat Tops, Plantain, Raspberry Leaf, Red Clover Flower, Rosehips, Rose Petals, Strawberry Leaf.

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