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Weekly Cuties, April 17, 2021

04172021: WC-EARTHDAY

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"The Earth is what we all have in common" ~ Wendell Berry

Earth Day, celebrated on April 22, celebrates the Earth and her natural resources. This planet is home to many creatures, be they humans, furry, feathery, or scaly. We all have the same basic needs and want to encourage you to reflect on ways to help care for the Earth and appreciate all she does for us 💖.


If you would like to see  your cutie featured, please email your submission with your cuties name and species (rabbit, guinea pig, chicken, etc.)  in the subject line to

Tell us what your furry friend's favorite Small Pet Select products are and why. We're are always looking for new celebrities!

#1.   Buddy is a handsome lop who values the importance of nutrition and staying healthy! This resolute, spunky rescue bun is blind but it doesn’t stop him from getting about! Buddy is always ready for an adventure!

mall Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Rabbit page.

#2. Frienchie, top photo, and Dwight, bottom photo, are living in their houses of luxury! These two vivacious pigs enjoy a myriad of Orchard, Oat, 1st cut and 2nd cut Timothy! The perfect balance of fiber and protein.

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Hay page.

#3. Que is a lively 8 1/2 year old bun who knows where all of the great views are. Que has quite a few favorite hangouts, the window sill looking around from the 21st floor, the rocking horse on top of a pillow, and of course his "summer house" (an enclosure with tons of hay). Last year, Que and his family lost his brother 💖and as of late he enjoys cuddles endlessly with scratches between and on the ears! In the morning, Que enjoys his treats and especially his Dried Strawberries followed by the occasional slice of Banana. Que has a level head and calming presence to his human. Que is a “quiet in any storm”.

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our  Healthy Snacks and Treats page.

#4. Linus is just the cutest thing! He was so excited about his Easter basket filled with Small Pet Select goodies: 2nd cut Timothy hay, Healthy Snacker sampler, and a Maypop Vine Heart!

Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Natural Toys and Chews. 

#5. Leo loves to do zoomies up and down the stairs early in the morning, asking for fruit and veggies and sneaks bites from his human when she isn't looking! Leo is very skilled at begging for attention by gently nipping his humans ankles, and shreds apart his Loofa Roll and other Natural Toys and Chews.

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Natural Toys and Chews page.

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#6. Sunny is a curious guinea pig who loves a bit of variety, especially when it comes to hay! Sunny relishes the mixture of Oat and Alfalfa hay from Small Pet Select.

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Natural Toys and Chews page.

#7. Thumper, 5 year old orange bun, delights in nibbling on Orchard hay and begging for pets. Lola, 4 year old broken chestnut bun eating cilantro, enjoys getting into fights with boxes, exploring, tossing a variety of toys from the Ball Trio and doing zoomies and binkies. And they are the loves of their human's life ♥️

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Habitats and Accessories.

#8. Lucy is quite the troublemaker who can get some air! When she is not enjoying her Castle set, Lucy enjoys standing binkies -no running involved - just jumping straight up in the air! Lucy eats lots of 3rd cut Timothy Hay and occasionally chews on the couch to encourage her humans to get off the couch and pet her 😊

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Habitats and Accessories.

#9.Coleslaw is a spirited bun who understands Hay is not only for eating, but playtime too! This wild child relishes nibbling on her Willow Chew Ring and going crazy on her Digging Platform.

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Healthy snacks and treats.

#10. Patsy is always ready to celebrate! This Easter Diva enjoys mixing it up with Vita-Licious Herbal Blend.  

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Herbal Blends.

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We sincerely appreciate all the pigtures and stories people email us, post on our social media accounts, and in our reviews. Watch this space; the cutie you submit to us just may make an appearance!

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