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Weekly Cuties, April 24, 2021


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Everyday dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs,  guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, lizards, chinchillas and many more animals find their way to animal shelters in search of a forever home. April 30th recognizes Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, a day to raise awareness of the millions of friends waiting to be new a best friend! If you are unable to provide a home forever home at the moment, Shelters can always use your time, energy, and crafts!


If you would like to see  your cutie featured, please email your submission with your cuties name and species (rabbit, guinea pig, chicken, etc.)  in the subject line to

Tell us what your furry friend's favorite Small Pet Select products are and why. We're are always looking for new celebrities!

#1. Vinny "Van Gogh", the guinea pig found his forever home right before the 2020 holidays! This two eared, creative pig savors nibbling on 3rd cut Timothy Hay and romping around in Soft Paper Bedding.  Jenny, brown and white bun,  is 11 and a super picky hay eater. Jack, brown bun, is the newest rescue to join the family, he hopped in just last week! Jenny and Jack both love the soft leafy taste of 3rd cut Timothy hay!

mall Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Guinea Pig  Page.

#2. Buster, rascally black bun, was the sweetest little boy who loved diving for the very best piece of 1st cut Timothy Hay! Buster and his bonded pair Dusty, grey bun with a white nose, caused all sorts of mischief together! Henry, handsome brown bun and and Luna, cozy grey bun were a bonded pair who spent many a cuddly night together. Luna joined Buster earlier this year and the house if a bit quieter. Dusty and Henry have a new rescue friend, Beau, white bun. This delightful bun had a bit of a tough journey before joining his new forever home, but now he couldn't be happier! Henry, Dusty, and Beau can't wait to nibble on their flavorful Premium Rabbit Food Pellets!

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Food page.

#3. Polly and Daisy are two lucky Jersey Wooley rescues! When they are not posing for photos, Polly and Daisy delight in nibbling on 2nd cut Timothy Hay.

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Hay page.

#4. Rose and Peach are rescued fawn hooded, dumbo eared, satin coat female rats born on September 30th, 2019. Rose is more shy than Peach but both of them love to sniff fingers and groom hands! Peach is an outgoing rat who likes to dig, climb, and explore while Rose guards their home. Rose likes to hang out and more likely to stay inside the enclosure; she is not too fond of free roaming. Rose and Peach are litter mates who were adopted into their perfect home from a difficult situation. When Rose and Peach found their human they were super shy and couldn't be handles, but after addressing their  health issues, Rose and Peach enjoy being pet and greet their human every morning! These friendly rats can't wait to scurry through Aspen Pine Shavings.

Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Rat page.

#5. Calie is the most recent rescue to join his forever home. This talented 3 month old Californian is totally blind. Calie uses  his other senses like smell, hearing, and his long whiskers to navigate his space and free roam the house. The fragrant Healthy Snacker Sampler is great foraging fun and the Berry Burst Herbal Blends adds a little extra kick to Calie's diet. Calie has befriended his housemate Eko, a sweet dog who is also blind from diabetes. Both of these kindred spirits are total sweetheart and enjoys pets and cuddles!

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#6. NIghtshade, Embers, Lily, and Ginger are four fortune buns who found their forever home with a very experienced rescue human.  The black and white spotted rabbit is Nightshade, an english spot charlie. Nightshade is approximately four years old and has lived the life of luxury for the past three years!  Nightshade is great friends with his penmate Ginger. Ginger, the tiny Agouti Netherlands Dwarf is 6.5 years old, believe it or not!  Ginger lived in a limited environment until she found her forever home. The moment her human put her on the floor, Ginger was absolute over the moon as she investigated her new surroundings. Her binkies look more like an immelmann; Ginger became airborne!

Embers, golden rabbit, is a amber Mini Rex rescue who is approximately four years old, and has a big heart. Embers gets along swimmingly with his penmate Lily. Lily, black polish bun, is approximately seven years old and knows how to relax.  Everyone has LOTS of room to run around and be bunnies. Embers, Lily, Nightshade, and Ginger, have a variety of toys, furniture to climb on, places to hide, and window ledges to sun upon, they are living the good life! These buns and plenty of clean water, nutritious 2nd cut Timothy Hay  and other good food.

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Rabbit page.

#7. Floyd is a vivacious king who rules with wisdom and wheeks! This attentive pig is always on a quest for 1st cut Timothy hay for fiber and protein.

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Hay page.

#8. Benji and Chloe, alias Sir Benjamin and Lady Chloe, they are both rescues about 3 1/2-4 years old . These cuddly buns savor the variety of Belinda's Blend Herbal Blend.

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Herbal Blend.

#9. Peter, top photo, was the first sweet rescue bun of his human, this paved the way for Cottontail, Flopsy, and Mopsy. These three rascals enjoy chewing on 2nd cut Timothy Hay and and Premium Rabbit Pellets!

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Rabbit page.

#10. Pose is a mischievous surprise rescue that has brought such joy to her forever home! This delightful bun enjoys a bit of introspective time with Zen Tranquility Herbal Bend after tossing around the Meadow Ball!

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We sincerely appreciate all the pigtures and stories people email us, post on our social media accounts, and in our reviews. Watch this space; the cutie you submit to us just may make an appearance!

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