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Weekly Cuties, May 1, 2021


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"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened"

~Anatole France

The first week of May kicks off  Pet Week, a time to toast to the companions that improve our lives in everyway! Everyday we honor the bond that connects us, but why not have one more reason to celebrate?! This week we encourage you to triple check that your pet has everything they need for their health, welfare, and happiness! Just think about how much they care about us!


If you would like to see  your cutie featured, please email your submission with your cuties name and species (rabbit, guinea pig, chicken, etc.)  in the subject line to

Tell us what your furry friend's favorite Small Pet Select products are and why. We're are always looking for new celebrities!

#1. Princess is a friendly chinchilla with a heart to match her name! This bright chin munches on both the soft leaf of 3rd cut Timothy hay and the Seed heads of 2nd cut Timothy Hay!

mall Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Chinchilla Page.

#2. Cocoa is a curious gentleman who likes to thoroughly inspect his package of goodies! This adventurous bun keeps his coat shimmering and healthy with nutritious Rabbit Food Pellets and no fuss HairBuster Comb.

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our​ Food page

#3. Bela, Beasley, and DuGrande are loving their new bedding mix of Soft Paper Bedding and Aspen Bedding! One might question a tortoise’s ability to show excitement, but they have been doing laps around their enclosure at high speed, burying themselves deeply in fluff, and climbing over their caves!!  Bela, Beasley, DuGrande, and their human are really impressed by this fluffy bedding. Ursa, the big tuxedo cat, gives it his approval as well!

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Bedding page.

#4. Hermes was a kind heart, a teacher to all creatures, an inspiration, and a fighter all the way to the end. The time Hermes spent with his family was the most love and light they’ve ever experienced. He had so much personality and the brightest little soul, anyone who met him fell in love with him. Hermes taught all who knew him just how amazing and loving a rabbit can be! He has inspired his humans to be extremely active in their local rabbit rescue community, and his memory will always light a flame in their hearts to give all the rabbits they can the best life possible. Hermes' life deserves to be celebrated, and his memory shared as much as possible!

A few of Hermes' favorite things were
Hay Cubes, mint, cuddles on the couch, and sitting up on the highest point in the house he could find. He was truly an adventurous and sweet baby. 

Select UK Friends- here's your link to our​ Hay page​​​.

#5. Oscar, male English Spot, and Zelda, female Dutch/Palomino mix, share quite a bond! These best friends share bowls of 2nd cut Timothy Hay and rustle around in Unbleached White Paper Bedding.

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our​ Bedding page.

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UK friends, send us your photos.
We can't wait to feature you. Cheers!

#6. Cashew, Peppa Pig, and Xena the Warrior Princess, are three vivacious pigs who can't wait to explore! These wild Guinea pigs enjoy munching on all cuts of Timothy Hay, be they 1st, 2nd, or 3rd cut. 

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Guinea Pig page.

#7.  Willie is a super sweet Syrian hamster who was adopted from a shelter as a young pup. He loves Small Pet Select’s Herbal Blends and his Small Pet Select All Wood Mobile!!

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to ouNatural Toys and Chews.

#8. Goliath is a plucky young chicken who loves to feel the grass between his toes! Goliath has the choice fine Chicken Products to scratch for.

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Chicken page.

#9. Bugatti, a Holland Lop and tortoise coloring, celebrated his first birthday on March 24th and is celebrating his adoption month this May!!! This spirited bun has brought his forever home pure JOY! Bugatti and his humans are so happy they discovered Small Pet Select for the tasty treatshay varieties and of course, Bundle of Willow to chew until his heart is content.

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Rabbit page.

#10. Theo is a contemplative bun who is always ready to play! This rowdy darling enjoys munching on Timothy Hay Cubes and the variety of Echinacea for a little immunity boost.

Small Pet Select UK Friends- here's your link to our Herbal Blends.

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We sincerely appreciate all the pigtures and stories people email us, post on our social media accounts, and in our reviews. Watch this space; the cutie you submit to us just may make an appearance!

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