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What makes some hay superior quality special yummy nom nom

what makes some hay superior

What makes great hay great?  Well, if you ask your rabbit, he'll tell you that hay should smell like a field in summer.  Great hay is fresh,  all nice and green and soft.  Not too stemmy.  With some nice soft fuzzy tops.  

The average hay goes from a field to a processing facility, is machine packed in plastic bags that don't breath, then goes to a distributor, then  to a store shelf where it may sit in sunlight, and finally to you.  That's a lot of storage and time in trucks, not to mention the plastic packaging (hay's gotta breathe!).

Small Pet Select hay goes from the field, to us, to you.  Fast.  So it stays nice and fresh.  

Your rabbit can tell.  He'll know the difference.  

Especially if your rabbit needs encouragement to eat hay, or has trouble with dental issues or GI stasis​.  

We hope you'll give our hay a try.  Maybe you just want the best for your bun, or maybe you are looking to satisfy a picky eater.  Maybe you like the idea of doing business with a small family company.  Or maybe you love the idea of having hay and other supplies delivered right to your door. 

Need some help figuring out which kind of hay you should buy?   Or maybe a little confused about first, second, and third cuts?  "Perfect Blend" Second Cut Timothy is the gold standard for adult rabbits, but there are some other options to mix in, or for special circumstances.  Rabbit under 1 year, and some elderly rabbits, need alfalfa instead.  If we can help you decide what will be best, just contact us - we are always happy to help!​

We started out selling the freshest best hay we could find. We learned how much people (and rabbits, and guinea pigs, and chinchillas) appreciated the quality of our hay, and we decided to expand the mission of offering the things that little animals need. Now we offer bedding, herbal mixes and single herbs, safe toys, pellets, and some goodies for the humans. Making the highest quality products available to you is our focus, and what we spend our energy on..we believe in everything we offer. We get up every morning loving what we do!  

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We've also got a few video reviews, so you can hear the info in our customer's own voices.

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