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White Paper Bedding: All You Need to Know

Do you ever look at the white, fluffy clouds and think, "Wouldn't it be nice to nap in a fluffy white cloud?" It seems like the perfect snoozle spot in the warm sun. If you want your precious pet to sleep on a white, fluffy cloud daily, try some of our white paper bedding

Fluffy white clouds
White paper bedding

Helpful and Eco-Friendly

Small Pet Select's white paper bedding is just as soft and absorbent as our brown paper bedding. Additionally, the white color makes it easier to spot "used" litter. Therefore, you don’t waste as much bedding as you can spot clean only messy areas.

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Only the best for your pets

Made with unbleached paper that is very soft and absorbent, our white paper bedding is made of human-grade ingredients. This paper is the "extras" from human food packaging. 

Bedding type



White paper bedding
  • Gerbils
  • Guinea pigs
  • Hamster
  • Mice
  • Rabbits
  • Rats
  • Just as soft and absorbent as our brown paper bedding, this makes it easier to spot "used" litter and clean up only messy areas.
  • Made with unbleached paper; the "extras" from human food packaging.
  • Fluffy, soft, and great for nesting.
  • 99% dust-free.
  • Absorbs moisture up to 6x its weight and expands to 3x its size to keep your pet clean and dry.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainably producedusing zero chemical additives.
  • This product is not 100% biodegradable. We recommend our brown soft paper bedding if composting in your garden or yard. 95% biodegradable (composting not recommended).
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Sound good? Who doesn’t want to sleep enveloped in a white, fluffy cloud? I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t, but if for some reason your pet doesn’t care for our white paper bedding, we’ve got our Picky Pet Promise. Just contact our helpful Customer Service team. Small Pet Select’s Picky Pet Promise has a 100% fresh and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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