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Young at Heart: superfoods for Elders!

Young at heart, superfoods for elders

Young at Heart is blended to take extra special care of elder animals.


It is an anti-inflammatory and mild analgesic, to help with the aches and pains of old age.  It is a kidney and liver tonic, to keep those toxins flushed.  It has some extra calories and good fats, to keep weight on.  It has some yummies to encourage eating.  Small friends can have high cholesterol, just like we can, so this mix helps get rid of the bad fats.  It is cancer-fighting, and helps to prevent urinary tract issues.  And it is a general immune boost.


Young at Heart is not lonely good for your friend, it tastes good to!  If you don’t let them see the label, they won’t even know this is specific support just for their elder status.  They’ll just think " yummy yummy yummy yummy"!

Getting older is not much fun.  We can help you make every day a little more enjoyable.  Take a peek through our recent posts on more ways to help your older friend, including litter box alterations, heat and cooling solutions, and other tips and tricks.

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