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2021: Year in Review

With special thanks to Naamah Stockdale

While many aren’t sure how they feel about 2021, Team Small Pet Select has nothing but pawsitive vibes to share about this past year. We’re so hoppy about our achievements and proud of our team members that made them happen. You and your beloved pets are the reason we’re egg-cited to come to work every day. Producing uncompromising quality products and information for pets is what we do, but here’s our 2021 Year in Review.

New AZ Warehouse

Last June, Bill, our CEO, and Josh, our East Coast Operations Manager, got the new Phoenix, AZ warehouse up and running faster than Belinda could find a hidden bag of Snackers

Bill chose the location as he’s all about customer service and increasing the speed of getting orders to customers. Within 10 days, 80% of our orders traveled faster than our 1.7 business day shipping time. I know my trio of hungry bunnies LOVE getting their Auto-Ship and Save orders more quickly than ever.

Made New Friends on Instagram…Now 37.7K of Them!

We wanted to engage more with our supporters while building our brand. Therefore, Megan, our Social Media guru, reposted many Reels and photos where our valued customers tagged us with #smallpetselect. We love sharing our customers’ love for our farm-fresh essentials. Don’t follow us on Instagram yet? Go here to start!

Hopped on TikTok

Tik Tok isn’t just about the latest dance craze…it’s also about watching adorable pet videos. So, if you haven't checked out some of our fun content, you gotta check it out. You can find us by doing a search for SmallPetSelect or clicking here.

We Have the Most Amazing Customers

Small Pet Select started in 2012 because our co-owner, Laurie, had a guinea pig that wouldn't eat her hay. So, her son and co-owner, Billy, brought hay from the same Kittitas Valley they lived in…and Lizzie the piggie started chowing down. Billy then found out tons of other people with small pets who had the same problem.

In 2021 alone, we gained 16,470 new customers worldwide. We are beyond grateful for our legacy and our new customers who enjoy our handpicked products and give us valuable feedback. Grace, our Customer Service Manager, and the rest of her team send the Comm/Marketing team all customer feedback in real-time. We stand behind our Picky Pet Promise; we want to keep everyone hoppy and healthy.

Launched Our New Habitat Hideout Castle

Have you ordered one of these yet for your rabbits?? You haven’t??? Seriously, the reviews speak for themselves. Sunny, my very own sassy FL White, doesn't leave her "She-Shed," aka Habitat Hideout Castle. And, as you can see, Rocky Roo needed one too. My husband says we are not getting a 3rd castle for Pippi….hmm, ok 😁.

Rocky and Sunny
Sunny and Pippi

We've added more accessories, such as a Bridge to connect the castles, which can also be used as a ramp. More castle designs are on the way, so watch your email, our socials, and the website for more information.

Small Pet Select Programs for Rescues

Here at Small Pet Select, we believe in making it a priority to dedicate our time and resources to supporting and giving back to rescues and other 501(c)3 organizations. We have several programs to help our rescues and other nonprofit organizations do the most good for the most vulnerable small pets. We've got some highlights for you below but click here if you want to know more about our Programs for Rescues.


We can’t say enough wonderful things about our 171 Ambassadors/affiliates. Shelia runs our Ambassador program and is incredibly proud that our 51 Rescue Ambassadors earned earned commissions in 2021.

Want to be a Small Pet Select Ambassador? You know you do! Just go here to get started. 


Giving back to rescues is so important to us. In 2021, we made seventeen emergency and fundraising donations. 

Does your rescue need a paw up? Give us a shout to see if we can help.

New Adoption Program

Small Pet Select firmly believes in #adoptdontshop. Therefore, we’ve partnered with rescues to promote adoption. We sent over 2000 adoption cards to 48 rescues. Additionally, we sent 317 boxes of free hay to newly adopted pets.

Happy New Year

Whew, we did a lot in 2021 and hope you enjoyed our year in review. But, we can't rest on our laurels. There's so much more to do! So, thank you, again, for all your support this past year, and we're excited to see what 2022 brings (OUR TENTH YEAR!).

2022 straight ahead

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