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Gourmet Hay: Everything You Need to Know

With special thanks to Josh Price

Who doesn’t like gourmet things in life? All of us do. This holiday season, give your ravenous rabbits a small animal feast of their own…Gourmet Hay!

Ingredients for a great TREAT and REWARD hay

Gourmet hay is genuinely a treat for buns of all ages. We took our best in class 2nd and 3rd cut Timothy Hay and blended them with our Alfalfa and Orchard.

If that doesn’t sound amazing enough, tantalize your lagomorph’s senses with a stellar herbal mix only available in our Gourmet Hay: lavender, raspberry leaf, strawberry leaf, rose petals, plantain, bay leaf, dandelion leaf, chamomile, oat tops, and lemon verbena. 

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It’s OK to play with your food

Do you remember getting in trouble for playing with your food during holiday family gatherings? That’s not going to happen here. In fact, we want your bun to have fun while nomming Gourmet Hay. That’s why we added an all-natural pinecone...straight from the forest...for our favorite furry friends to play with.

Rabbit sitting in Gourmet Hay Box

Photo credit: Cleo P.

The berry on top

What would a treat hay be without toppings? So, low and behold, we've added freshly dried berries for the pièce de résistance.

Are you hungry yet? We know your rabbit is! So adorn their holiday table with a small animal feast just for them and serve Gourmet Hay as the main course. Also, did you know we sell pinecones a la carte for munching anytime? You can add both products to your Auto-Ship & Save.

Finally, if your loveable lagomorph turns its adorable wiggly nose up at any of our products, just contact our helpful Customer Service team. Small Pet Select’s Picky Pet Promise has a 100% fresh and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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