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Trick or Treat: Pumpkin Snackers, Good to Eat

With special thanks to Josh Price and Megan Cottone

Hoppy fall y’all! Do your pets wish they could jump on the pumpkin spice bandwagon with you? Guess what? They can! In our next new product-focused blog, we’re highlighting our Pumpkin Snackers.

Why Choose Pumpkin Snackers?

  • Ingredients are 100% farm-fresh, all-natural, and human-grade.
  • Made weekly in our in-house kitchens, not farmed out.
  • Our timothy hay-based pellet mix is the binder.
  • Each batch undergoes a quality check.
  • Stock is constantly rotated; it never sits in the warehouse.
  • Safe and healthy for all animals…even dogs and cats (my Sydney kitty loves them). 

Picky Pet Promise

If your pet decides Pumpkin Snackers aren’t their favorite treat, don’t worry! Small Pet Select’s Picky Pet Promise has a 100% fresh and 100% satisfaction guarantee. No hassle. No questions. No problem! Contact our Customer Service team for help.

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Along with our five Healthy Snacker varieties, our Pumpkin Snackers are available year-round. However, we show them extra love during spooky season. Know what else is fantastic about this time of year? Adorable seasonal photos of our supporters. Check out some of our faves below. You can also click on the pigtures to follow them on Instagram. Finally, if there’s a particular product you want to learn more about, let us know! Email or comment on our socials. We look forward to hearing from you.

Photo credit: @baluandpippa

Photo credit: @busia_pig

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Photo credit: @theprettypigs

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