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Pet Health Insurance for Exotic Animals

Animal Health Insurance

As a valued Small Pet Select customer, you're no stranger to shopping online for your precious pets. Whether with other online vendors or us, shopping online saves you time and money and simplifies comparison shopping. While we continuously strive to have all the best quality supplies you need for your small mammals and chickens, we don't offer pet health insurance. Unfortunately, health insurance for pets is just as complicated as human health insurance 😖.

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We were so excited when our friends at Money Magazine reached out to us recently regarding their comprehensive   article on pet health insurance. Unfortunately, while there are many insurance offerings for 🐕 and 🐈 exotic pets are not as lucky. However, pawrents should consider the costs and reviews when choosing their family members' best pet health insurance.

Cristina Bailey, Money Magazine Outreach Specialist, penned this quick overview regarding insurance for exotic animals.

Wanting the best for our pets is a priority, including their health. And because medical procedures, medicine, annual check-ups can definitely add up, some people decide to enroll in pet insurance in order to lower the out-of-pocket costs. As many people have dogs and cats, we wondered if there was any insurance company that covered exotic animals. 

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Nationwide has been identified as the best company that provides coverage for exotic animals. They can cover most birds, and it's extended to guinea pigs, ferrets, turtles, snakes, and more. Nationwide has a list on their website that will confirm what species of exotic animals are eligible to be or not. This article provides more information and insights into different pet insurance options available in the market (including non-exotic animals) and how they work, so you can take your time to analyze what could be a good fit for your situation.

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Do you currently have pet health insurance? Have you ever used it? We’d love to hear your opinions and experiences. Please comment on our socials or email us at As always, thanks for reading!

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